The 2007 murder Jang ban motorcycle up 39 bridges, tunnels for safety 5

The 2007 murder Jang ban motorcycle up 39 bridges, tunnels for safety 5
2007 murder Jang ban motorcycle

2007 murder Jang ban motorcycle

Deputy spokesman of the National Police Office. Jang, regulations banning traffic officers to sit on bridge 39 properties 5 tunnel in Bangkok to safety reveal is studying the impact proposed fix on the bridge barrier before.

When July 25 at National Police Bureau 2559 Piya chakrathip ongoing ping city Deputy spokesman of the National Police Office. Disclosure to the Government Web site Issuing regulations for traffic officers in Bangkok. Regulations prohibit certain types of vehicle and wheel, dragging a cart. Walking on the bridge on the intersection Elevated bridge, bridge across the river and in the tunnel junction on synergism 2559 by banning motorcycle. The three-wheeled car, and drag all types of cart wheel on the bridge on the intersection. Bridge and the bridge over the River Bridge and tunnel hamlot 39 on junction 5, by this regulation, apply to a police officer, while car duties with effect from July 23 2559.

Deputy spokesman of the National Police Office. Specifies that after the Web site removed proclaim Gazette. A police officer, it shall be carried out according to the first study and research with various phondiphon. If that impact is known, however, to offer to fix for traffic engineering. So the citizens suffered minimal.

However, please go to the public that the brothers designed the regulations such officer because of the accident of the motorcycle on the bridge because of past accidents very often because of some bridges are extremely high and windy when the motorcycle up to may impair the primary fails and may be driving a car coming. ผ้ที่รถ fails it’s injured. While the cars rushing by hitting it suffered Which, in the future, if a bridge which has been fixed already and traffic engineering are safe for the motorcycle, such as installing a secure barrier on the bridge, you’ll have to open up in the future, because the police officer understands the difficulties of the motorcycle riders, but all do, because the safety of all road users, use either a car motorbike and car.

Deputy National Police spokesman, said the police officer, it must follow the Declaration first. If found guilty, it will need to follow the law. Evidence of declaration is found to be the culprit because there was less understanding Willoughby, especially when driving cars to motorcycles.
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