32 Thunder again the Olympics even more choices back Jue no regrets

32 Thunder again the Olympics even more choices back Jue no regrets

Four years ago, Raytheon won the Olympic Games men’s individual foil title fame in London. Four years later, 32, of Thunder then took two Olympic tickets for individuals and groups, in August will be unveiled about the Court.

After the London Olympics, Thunder continues 2009 in Peking University advertising course. During that time, retired Thunder continued to practice on the question of not quite ready. Inappropriate players can do, Thunder not ready psychologically. Handsome Thunder had spent more than a year two years to think about their own future, eventually chose to return.

Sidelined for more than a year after the Thunder miss this fight for the stage of almost 20 years, when he had no injuries, which ultimately became the reason why he is going. Raytheon wants to participate in the Olympics again, even if they do not succeed, but also an experience.

Find a clear answer, and returned to the training ground, then his physical strength and speed of response is slow, often young players to play, however. Even though Thunder in my heart, not painful, it is a pleasure for him, because he was eager to return to action.

In July 2015, the Thunder unveiled at the World Championships, and individual fifth place, is the best in China. Team Thunder and teammates get a bronze medal. Men’s coach Ye Chong spent the most gratifying is that Thunder volunteered at the critical date, ending a fight. Ye Chong was one of the three Musketeers of the past, and the regret of Olympic gold slip away, team extraordinary significance for him. Ye Chong said: “three people can end a fight on the team, squad is very beneficial to me. ”

Thunder’s mind, is the highest stage of the Olympic Games. “The Olympics once every four years, many players difficult to participate in the Olympic Games, since I can participate, to cherish it. Since the choice of a comeback, he decided not to regret, in difficulties but also to stick to it. ”

Four years can change a man, in December 2015, was born the son of Thunder, 31 years old, he ushered in an important moment in your life. Thunder training gap will now back home in Beijing, he said he sees the baby very happy, no matter what troubles, after the children are gone.

32 for the fencers or less old, whether it is individual or team, Thunder and male flowers this glorious group has another chance to bring honor to the country.

32 Thunder again the Olympics even more choices back Jue no regrets

32 Thunder again the Olympics even more choices back Jue no regrets


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