According to Google? EU news require Internet companies to pay

According to Google EU news require Internet companies to pay

According to Google EU news require Internet companies to pay

On August 29, according to a Reuters report, according to the EU Executive Branch updates the copyright provisions of the plan, news-gathering, such as AlphabetInc. owned by Google News search may have to payment to Publisher, to reprint articles on its Web site.

According to an internal document, States members of the European Commission will propose legislation requiring publishers royalties from Internet companies. This file lists the European Commission seeks to update copyrights to the euro zone’s policy options, this requirement is expected to be the end of September. Proposal was still under discussion within the European Union.

“Google News” through background aggregation algorithm, pooling news resources from news sources around the world, similar reports to be grouped together, based on Reader preferences for display. Website links to each report provides links to several articles, readers can click on the headline that interests you, go directly to the website published the article.

European countries made policy adjustments specifically for Google news this is not the first time, at the end of 2014, Spain later adopted a law on intellectual property, news aggregation sites even shows Spain summary of news media, these media are also required to pay the costs. The law came into effect from January 2015, and offenders face a maximum fine of 600,000 euros. This law applies to all of the news aggregation site, but due to “Google News” site’s typical, therefore dealing costs are billed as “Google tax”.

Google later announced that, as Spain new regulations make “Google News” in Spain is unsustainable and it will starting from December 16, 2014 in Spain closed the news aggregation service.


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