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Amazing features of Apple new product

Amazing features of Apple new product

Amazing features of Apple new product

Amazing features of Apple new product

For the first time in their history, p pradickt a new version of several important new features introduced are included.

3D touch technology

For Hall, a San Francisco company ceo Tim Cook said at that time the world’s most modern smartphones, which is presented on the screen touch 3-d, which can be opened by an increase in other features.

Live camera and photo site

Features of your Smartphone cameras are also due to sales and now iPhone 6 and 6 plus the ability to mega pixel camera in s. 12 moved but has been very much an amazing feature ‘ live photo ‘ feature. A photograph taken from a second, till next  takes off pictures and gifs or animations. In order to make it possible in smartphones 9 chip is applied to 70% of the previous fastest chip. Apple price us $ 830 s. 6 (83 thousand Pakistani rupees) and 6 for the price of $ 950 (95 thousand Pakistani rupees) plus SS.

Ipads Pro style and pencil

This time a two-ipads are noteworthy, then move ٖ Pro by 12.9-inch screen. The ipads up to double the price of memory and storage air is founded, 9 s. 64-bit chip. The second most important item for ipads Apple pencil that is different from the various screen pressure motivates the line thickness is a gift for leading designers graphic. In addition, smart keyboard also for sale. Its price starts from $ 799 (RS 80).

The price is $ 100, which is the sensor in the modern pencil style that same line using the pencil to a note. The price is $ 170 a keyboard that is connected to the iPod via the magnet Pro.

Apple tv

The future of Apple tv as the tv. This motion sensor remote control, there are many apps with the convenience of Internet and cable. It is designed for those who play the game as special. Until the end of October and will begin sales price is $ 149.


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