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Atangsao about 10 years before Suri: Hillary Clinton lost her “hurt”

foreign media reports, recently, Tom Cruise’s ex-wife Katie Holmes (Katie Holmes) said in an interview, Suri was Hillary Clinton’s campaign lost as young as 10 years old and sad.

On Wednesday, Katie in the SiriusXM program that Trump race, for herself and her daughter are both very frustrated. “Trump can win in the presidential election, that Suri is not happy. We’ve always thought Hillary Clinton would win, but the sad fact is, she does not. I know this hurts my 10 year old daughter, and I also have to think about: is a woman, so we still have a long way to go. ”

Recently in New York to promote itself of Hello Kitty mini series, seems to be topic a lot to women feeling: “we must let his daughter become strong, not only for their own, also made in order to give others a chance. “Kate and her daughter Suri in 2015, after the private dinner in December, has met with democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

According to earlier reports, in the People interview last October, Katie has said Trump win Eve, she used to watch the candidates debate with daughter “I want my 10 year old daughter to see a woman willing to do some things for their country. Her clear thinking, ideas and enthusiasm. I think (such a person) to her (Suri) is very encouraging. ”

In addition, the sequel to return to the Kennedy family candy added, standing at the global level, women should join hands to help each other. “Received a good education, is a priority for women around the world. ”


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