Balika Vadhu 26 July 2016 Colors TV Drama


Balika Vadhu 26 July 2016 Colors TV Drama

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Drama Main Cast.

Harsh Mehta AS Mahendra Jagdish Singh. Farah Hussain AS Kamli Pushkar Singh. Shakti Anand AS MLA Dr. Jagdish Bhairon Singh. Geetanjali Mishra AS Sona. Smita Bansal AS Sumitra Bhairon Singh. Rudrakshi Gupta AS Harki Akhiraj Singh. Rajeshwari Sachdev AS Mangala Devi Singh / Disa. Toral Rasputra AS Anandi Shivraj Shekhar. Neha Marda / Sheetal Khandal AS Gehna Basant Singh / Gehna. Shashank Vyas AS MLA Dr Jagdish Bhairon Singh. Smita Bansal AS Sumitra Bhairon Singh. Meenakshi Arya AS Naina Malhotra.

lATEST Episode HD Video Balika Vadhu 26 July 2016

The Episode starts with Nandini stopping Kundan. Kundan/Abhayram smirks. Nandini says you don’t need to go anywhere, as you are mom’s life, although you are my life’s wound. She asks him to do penance and stay in the house. Krish asks have you lost it and says you are doing mistake. Nandini says he wants to do penance and says that’s why he is wrong. Krish says he has done a crime and says he is not worthy to do penance. Nandini asks him to think about Karuna. Abhayram smirks seeing them arguing. He tells Krish and Nandini that he will change and says he is feeling small infront of her greatness. Krish says you are coal and will always be coal only. Nandini says diamond gets from coal only. Krish says you can let him stay in the house, but if anything wrong happens then you will be responsible.

Triveni hears them and wonders what is the matter. She thinks he is making Nandini and Krish fight and looks on.



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