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Chandra Nandni 7 December 2016 Star Plus Drama

Tonight Hindi Drama Video Chandra Nandni 7 December 2016. HD Drama Video Chandra Nandni 7 December 2016. Star Plus Drama Chandra Nandni 7 Nov 2016. Chandra Nandini is a Hindi historical drama television series, which started airing on Star Plus. The series has been produced by Balaji Telefilms of Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor and directed by Ranjan kumar singh. The series is aired on every Monday to Friday nights at 8:30 PM.The first episode was aired on Star Plus on 10 Oct 2016.

Chandra Nandni 7 December 2016 Star Plus Drama

Chandra Nandni 7 December 2016 Star Plus Drama

Drama Main Cast

  • Rajat Tokas as Chandragupta Maurya
    Shweta Basu Prasad as Nandini
    Saanvi Talwar as Durdhara
    Tanu Khan as Helena
    Urfi Javed as princess chhaya (Chandragupt’s Sister)
    Jineet Rath as Young Chandragupta
    Angel Rupchandani as Young Nandini
    Manoj Kolhatkar as Chanakya
    Arpit Ranka as Mahapadma Nanda
    Papiya Sengupta as Moora (Chandragupt’s mother)
    Alexx O’Nell as Alexander the Great
    Chetan Hansraj as Parvatak Malayketu
    Mansi Sharma as Raja Padmananda’s Wife, Avantika
    Vibhuti Thakur as Kanika, chandragupt’s foster mother
    Sanjeev Siddharth as Amatya Rakshas
    Rohit Choudhary as Vakranaas, Padmananda’s Minister.

Nandini is angry and sad. She goes and takes a dagger and says I should kill Chandra and my brother will be saved if this happens. Nandini kills Chandra but seems it was a hallucination. She goes near Chandra and attacks but it just puts scar on Chandras hand and Chandra gives a reflex and holds nandini. He says I knew you would do something like this and you cant kill me so easily. Chandra takes the dagger and throws nandini on the bed and ties her, he removes her upper clothes with dagger.

Chandra Nandni 7 Dec 2016

Nandini cries, Chandra says this is what your father did to my mother everyday for countless years. Chandra feels sad and doesn’t want to do this, but he then says now its morning and time for your bath and today your bath will be such that you will remember it. Chandra picks nandini and takes her to the bath, he throws her inside, then as she has scars from Chandra, Chandra takes turmeric paste on her scar and is sad, nandini bites chandras hand, Chandra takes his hand and in reflex by mistake it brushes off nandinis forehead. Chandra says see this blood on your forehead from my hand and we are bound to be together and I will torture you all your life.


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