China found the giant hole in the middle of the ocean depth in the world. Dubbed “Dragon hole.”

China found the giant hole in the middle of the ocean depth in the
Dubbed "Dragon hole."

Dubbed “Dragon hole.”

Chinese explorers found a giant hole in the South China Sea 300 meters deep overgiant hole deep marine dock in the world, with has been dubbed Dragon hole.”
2559 site deli, July 25 mail. Amazing stories, revelations that are as famous in news from China. When the Board of the Chinese explorers have found a giant hole in the middle of the ocean, known as the blue hole (Blue hole) area at latitude and longitude degrees North at 16.31 111.46 degrees East. On the South China Sea near the archipelago (Paracel Islands) area raft.
From the surveys. It found that the undersea wells this depth to 300.89 meters or can bring the baiyoke Tower II, almost the entire building down to the hole with the least depth of this size make it a deep blue hole home dock sitting unopened in the world as there are records.
In that part of them width. Measurement of approximately 130 m at the mouth of the hole section is approximately 36 m wide butt hole also discovered creatures under the sea about 20 species inhabit in the hole, this all this embellishment with large and beautiful. Make a Chinese named blue hole called home this is temporary that Dragon runes.
Inter alia on the previous hole, giant marine large and deep position in the world is the great blue hole, the hole country is a large natural hole belit and frightening. Resembles a cave deep under the sea in width, approx. 300 m deep pit mouth 125 meters below a large tunnel that has occurred since the ice age and, although this will be the hole, hole, the most awesome and killed countless people came, but this area is also popular with divers who like a challenge.
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