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CID 19 June 2016 Full Episode Sony TV

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CID is an Indian detective television anthology series about India’s Crime Investigation Department, created by B. P. Singh for Sony Entertainment Television India and Sony Entertainment Television Asia. The series stars Shivaji Satam as ACP, Aditya Srivastava and Dayanand Shetty as Senior Inspectors. The location of the series is set in Mumbai, India. Following a pilot episode on 219 June 1997, the series premiered on 21 January 1998 and is the longest running television series in India, having completed nineteen years in 2016. The show airs two days a week, Saturday and Sunday nights. The series aired its 1700th episode on Friday, 27 September 2013.

The series is an investigative series consisting of criminal cases that are solved by the Crime Investigation Department team. ACP Pradyuman (Shivaji Satam), Abhijeet (Aditya Srivastava) and Daya (Dayanand Shetty) are an elite trio of officers seek the help of professional forensic expert Dr. Salunkhe (Narendra Gupta) and solve high-profile cases.

Marathi theatre veteran, Shivaji Satam, who plays ACP Pradyuman, had worked with B.P. Singh on many projects before C.I.D.. “Having worked with B.P. on so many projects, I had to be part of CID,” said Satam. Dayanand Shetty (Daya) was spotted by Sanjay Shetty, a member of the C.I.D. production team, in a community play, in which Daya was adjudged best actor. Singh was so impressed with Shetty that he finalized him five minutes into the audition. His character is amongst the most popular ones in the series along with Satam’s character, Pradyuman. Aditya Srivastava who portrays Abhijeet, was introduced in the show as a criminal but was later added into the C.I.D. team. “I had agreed to only 26 episodes. In 1998, I was also doing some films, but BP sir gave me the flexibility to come and go as I felt like. But I began to enjoy the role of Abhijeet, and so stayed on,” said Srivastava. Singh wanted Srivastava to be part of his team after seeing his work in Ram Gopal Varma‚Äôs Satya.

C.I.D. is primarily shot in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. During the long course of the show, the series has been shot in various locations all over India. The series has also been shot in foreign countries. Some Foreign locations have included places like Uzbekistan, a major shoot in Paris, and Switzerland which included tourist attractions like Interlaken as well as cities such as Berne and Zurich. The major shoot in Paris-Switzerland was for the CID special episode “Aakhri Chunauti”, and a part of the production team’s 13th anniversary celebration plan.

An anthology series is a radio or television series that presents a different story and a different set of characters in each episode or season. These usually have a different cast each week, but several series in the past, such as Four Star Playhouse, employed a permanent troupe of character actors who would appear in a different drama each week. Some anthology series, such as Studio One, began on radio and then expanded to television.

Many popular old-time radio programs were anthology series. On some series, such as Inner Sanctum Mysteries, the only constant was the host, who introduced and concluded each dramatic presentation. One of the earliest such programs was The Collier Hour, broadcast on the NBC Blue Network from 1927 to 1932. Radio’s first major dramatic anthology, it adapted stories and serials from Collier’s Weekly in a calculated move to increase subscriptions and compete with The Saturday Evening Post. Airing on the Wednesday prior to each week’s distribution of the magazine, the program soon moved to Sundays in order to avoid spoilers with dramatizations of stories simultaneously appearing in the magazine.


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