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On the controversial Paris Jackson red carpet look

Paris Jackson red carpet look

Paris Jackson red carpet look

Paris Jackson isn’t the only celeb who has decided to challenge one of more extended, difficult to break down and accepted social aesthetic standards: the Epilator.

The sisters Kirke (Lola and Jemima), Madonna and Julia Roberts are some of the stars who have decided to show their most demanding facet in a place where almost all its inhabitants or occasional guest give in to political correctness. We speak of course of the red carpet and her most unexpected dance partner: women wearing dresses of dream, but with the hair.

Paris Jackson has attended this past weekend at the Glaad Awards with a delicate Awards dress Yanina Fashion. It has received great reviews between the specialized media, but the decision by Paris not shave while your model not treasured sleeves mentioned styling has become subject of debate.

Up to what point this unexpected combo is vindictive? That was intended to tell Paris her allegation anti-depilacion?

The model has not said anything about it, which perhaps has increased the power of the message in question as the main idea of those who embrace this practice is to “normalize” that women do not use it, even in those events of tag where the armpits look with the hair is almost a provocation. Lola Kirke did exactly the same thing in the latest installment of the Golden Globes and his sister Jemima left critics and audiences speechless in the CFDA in 2015.

The fact is that despite that in theory everything is said and 90% of mankind understand the message, see a celebrity wearing a dress of a luxury firm but without plucking it remains “shocking”. Yes, it is something tremendously unjust. Yes, men can decide what to epilation refers and whatever they do is socially accepted. And Yes, although we understand the message and it is powerful and positive, we have to fight our own impulses to accept this truth.


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