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Decades of winking clouds my mind Apple products have become the classic

If we do a random survey on the street and see what are the most familiar brand technology company, I believe that 90% per cent of users answer will have “Apple”. Does Apple as the most influential technology companies currently on the market (not one), founded during the ten years the world has made tremendous contribution to both led the market advance and was to change the attitude, apples are undeniable. Here we’ll see Apple product you created has changed our world.

Say about Apple first talked about Apple’s iPhone cell phone seems to be a common thing, but here we are not talking about today’s hottest iPhone 7&7 Plus phone, also not in 10 even before the release of iPhone 1 generation cell phones, but is hailed as a classic by many iPhone 4S.

I’m sure a lot of people is the most classic iPhone mobile iPhone 4s, although in my heart there is another answer, but I can’t deny the iPhone 4S for great contributions to the mobile industry. IPhone 4S (2011) before it was released, are already on the market under the iPhone prototype for 1 touch-screen phones, but that time is still very “Cottage”. IPhone 4S that exquisite front and back glass + metal frame fuselage design both then and now are very light products, which I believe no one can change it. And iPhone 4S innovation introduces a Retina screen (960×540), in the other “flagship handset” or when 854×480 resolution, iPhone 4S to the Visual impact of people can be said to be huge. When the screen resolution has now evolved to 2K or even 4K when we are unable to perceive with the naked eye has its specific details.

And iPhone 4S have also been a lot of people known as Steve Jobs’s last works before his death (even though we know that this is not the case), but this iPhone 4S over the legend of many colors. But Apple iPhone 4S to change a product because the phone press conference, jobs had pancreatic cancer hospital and mobile phone launch in less than a month after (2011.10.5) left the people, opened a new era for Cook since.

Think small Cook had 6 years of the reign of time, when the daring man mature businessman was also turned into an experience. Six years in Cook time remains a product of the year, but my personal favorite is the iPhone of 5s. Not because of anything else, but because I think the iPhone 5s is in my mind the best looking iPhone mobile phone, along with fingerprint recognition and the iOS System 7 are really won my heart over the same period, so see the iPhone 5s I was very emotional.

After the iPhone and iPhone 4S 5s launch, whether mobile phone patterns are patterns of mobile phone in the world toward a new era. Let me sum up iPhone mobile phones can be basically divided into 3 stages: iPhone 1-iPhone 4 is the stage; iPhone 4s-iPhone 6 can be said to be an evolutionary stage and got to iPhone6s, is a bit like a stage of evolution of the fully body; is iPhone mobile phone 10 anniversary this year, we also look forward to usher in changes in the final stages of a polar body.
Now lift the iPod seems to have not had a cold, but a few years ago, iPod and Sony’s Walkman fame also star. Although many people feel that Walkman’s reputation is much larger than the iPod, but actually in product Revolution section iPod Walkman is teacher.

Before 2001, Walkman Sony Walkman has been ruled the market, people seem to have used this to go out with a big “brick and mortar”, keep holding tape several ways to listen to music, and that was the culture of street fashion. But when the 2001 October 23 jobs from out of his pocket after the first generation of iPod products it all great changes have taken place.

First iPod product directly uses the hard disk as the storage medium of the music, all music into digital signal stored on hard disk, so you no longer have to take a bunch of tapes to go out. For such a design, and also give the iPod a good response: buy, buy crazy. While on the other side of the Walkman is still stuck to their “tape drive” design of digital music experience gives users better sound quality, but what followed was told Sony that was wrong is how far.

Sony seems to be die hard nut until the fifth generation product NW-A600/E500/E400 series began to use the MP3 format to store music, after experiencing several years of evolution, iPod in appearance and has been completely over the Walkman brand, Sony back the slogan of the market seems to have become a joke.

Although we saw the Sony Walkman is still active in the market, while the iPod is already interested, but in the market is Apple taught Sony to make a “Walkman”. If Apple had no iPod, we may want to use only in later years digital signal to carry the player, music software, integrated into the mobile phone will come later.
Think Differet
Outside the famous Apple in addition to its products, other most well-known are the classic slogan, “Think Different.” 1997 Apple isn’t as vibrant as now, when Apple filled with struggle. Steve Jobs did not work at Apple, believed that he was kicked out of the company’s members are very familiar with. Back to work after returning to Apple, jobs staged a boardroom coup, asked when an interim CEO, but a week later, genuine CEO Amelio to resign, since he is also in charge of Apple, started Apple’s road to greatness.

The same year Apple launched the worldwide advertising: “Think Different”, hoping that Apple’s values will be passed to the people, who do not rest content with the status quo, you want to change the continuous efforts of the people of the world, and this person is not the jobs, so it has been a lot of people as another of his symbols once celebrated so far.

A company’s leaders can change, companies can change, but what cannot be changed is the corporate philosophy of the company has been handed down, this would be to guide the company’s future power.

As Apple hot products of iPhone, this year has is tenth a year has; iPod also has 16 years has; and that sentence most classic of “Think Different” is is has 30 years of time has; actually Apple classic of products also has many, for example Mac series, and iPad series, are is worth peer to learning of, but in I of heart, is only above three a products completely of change has we of life, also change has many people thinking problem of way, Although some are not directly effective, but is Apple laying the Foundation.
Was lucky enough to live in an era of explosive technology, we will be lucky enough to witness a company’s contribution to mankind.


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