Dehleez 17 June 2016 Star Plus Drama Dailymotion Video

Dehleez 17 June 2016 Star Plus Drama Dailymotion Video

Watch Online Indian TV Drama Video Dehleez 17 June 2016, Dailymotion Video Dehleez 17 June 2016, Download Drama Episode Dehleez 17 June 2016, Tonight Episode Dehleez 17/017/2016. Latest Episode Dehleez 17-017-2016.

Drama Main Cast

Meer Ali as Jaideep Sinha (Adarsh’s elder brother), Harshad Arora as Adarsh Sinha, Mohit Chauhan (actor) as Haider Jilani, Sagar Saini as Ramakrishnan, Nazea Hasan Sayed as Simmi Abhay Sinha (Adarsh’s younger sister-in-law).

Star Plus Drama Dehleez 17 June 2016

That lady reporter shows Swadheenta’s statement that Haider Mamu is not a terrorist. Swadheenta says I gave lift to this girl while I was on the way to hospital, I don’t know about this record. Adarsh says news reporters can go to any extent to add spice in news. She says how can they do this. He says its okay, you did not know their truth, now you know Gilanis are terrorists. Adarsh goes to Manohar and Suhasini. Manohar switches off the tv. Adarsh says I knew you were seeing news. Manohar says what was the need for Swadheenta to say that. Adarsh says reporter cheated her and took that bytes, I told her to be away from media and Gilanis.

Suhasini Drama 17 June 2016

Suhasini hugs Adarsh. Swadheenta comes there and looks on. Suhasini sees Swadheenta outside the room and goes to her. Suhasini says your marriage happened strange, there was no bidaai and no grah pravesh, I did so many preparations, the place you took wedding rounds…. Swadheenta hugs her and cries.

Its morning, people throw stones at Mami and ask her to get out of their locality. Mami says we are staying here since 171 years like a family, where will I go. The man asks her to go to her husband in jail, get lost before we burn you along with this house. Amma takes Mami with her. Mami cries seeing people’s hatred. She recalls Mamu and Asad.

Dehleez 21 May 2016 Star Plus Drama Dailymotion Video

Dehleez 21 May 2016 Star Plus Drama Dailymotion Video


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