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Diya Aur Baati Hum 20 June 2016 Wtach Full Episode

Meenakshi tells Bhabho that Maasa’s Kamarbandh has blood on it, did Maasa really do this, is Purvi saying truth. Purvi tells Maasa that I m a mother, I fold hands infront of you, stop this. Sparsh starts crying. Maasa says Purvi is lying, Sparsh is scared, stop it now. Maasa takes Sparsh and goes. Meenakshi says Maasa did not say anything, its not right to separate son from a mum. Bhabho says Maasa was not stone hearted. Babasa agrees and says what happened to Maasa. Purvi thinks my target hit right, Maasa will fall low in their eyes. Sandhya looks on.

Its morning, Sandhya prays and says everyone has seen Purvi’s wounds, Purvi did not see when Sparsh was crying, she was blaming Maasa, how can a mother neglect a son’s cry, I don’t understand her behavior, show me some way. She sees Sparsh there. Sparsh smiles.

Bhabho goes to Sooraj and asks about Sandhya. He says Sandhya is in temple, she went to light diya. Bhabho says we have to take an action now, if Maasa has hurt Purvi infront of us, what will she do there. He asks what did you think. Emily says its not in our hands now, we should file police complaint against Om and Maasa. Sparsh gives sugar to Sandhya. She feeds that sugar balls to him while taking everyone’s name. He spits the one when she takes Purvi. She says Purvi is your mumma. He says she slaps me. She recalls how Sparsh did not go to Purvi and went to Maasa.

Emily says Sandhya says torturing one is wrong and one who bears tortures is also wrong, till when will Purvi bear this. Maasa comes to Sandhya and says children can’t lie, I can lie, Purvi and Om can lie, but kids can’t lie. Sooraj tells Emily that she has also bear a lot, I think we should file complaint against Om and Maasa. Sandhya tells Maasa that you said right, children don’t lie, they have Lord in them, I m with truth, we have to prove it. Purvi thinks Maasa will get handcuffed, Om and I will get rid of this thorn.

Purvi tells Sooraj that she will go to police station if they don’t complaint against Om, Om is also scared of Maasa like me, he did not do anything, he is my husband, don’t do complaint against Om for my and Sparsh’s sake. Sooraj agrees and says we will file complaint against Maasa, calm down. Vikram asks what are you saying. Sandhya comes and says there won’t be police complaint against Maasa. She says Maasa is saying truth. Bhabho asks what are you saying, we have seen everything yesterday night, how can you say this. Sandhya says I will need time to answer you, but I m sure Maasa is innocent, I m with Maasa in this fight, I know you all are shocked, I m not calling you all wrong, maybe what we are seeing, or what is shown to us is not right.

Purvi gets tensed. Sandhya says I have to find out the matter my way. Emily says I have seen Sandhya supporting truth always, today I m seeing Sandhya supporting wrong. Purvi says no Emily, don’t spoil your relation because of me, you got me out of that hell, its big thing, if Sandhya thinks I m liar, then its fine, I can’t have courage to fight alone, I will leave from here. Emily stops her and says you won’t go anywhere. She tells Sandhya that I have seen each lie of Maasa, you don’t trust Purvi if you think Purvi is lying, we want to know truth, which we all can’t see. Sandhya says surely I will expose the truth and lies, just trust me. She looks at Purvi.


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