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Diya Aur Baati Hum 30 May 2016 Wtach Full Episode

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The Episode starts with Bhabho and Sooraj being shocked hearing Arzoo is Pakistani terrorist, linked to Gul. Inspector says we can get list of Pakistani terrorists by this diary. Sandhya says I will talk to you later. Bhabho asks Sandhya what is he saying, Arzoo is Pakistani terrorist, tell me is this true. She shakes Sandhya and asks where is Arzoo. Sooraj asks Sandhya what was inspector saying, Arzoo is Pakistani terrorist? Sandhya thinks she can’t hide the truth now, Bhabho has full rights to know Arzoo’s truth.

She says whatever I say, try to understand, there was planning done to burn the townhall, it was by Pakistani terrorist Gul, all proofs show that Arzoo is also a terrorist, Arzoo was attacking on me along with Gul’s men, and she got shot. Bhabho gets shaken up. Sandhya says Arzoo is in hospital, doctors are trying best to make her fine, Bhabho….. Sooraj holds Bhabho….

Mahek runs to give this bad news to Resham. Mahek says I told you not to send Arzoo there, they have shot Arzoo. Resham asks her to shut this nonsense, what are you saying. Mahek says I m not saying this, its in news, the police has shot Arzoo thinking she is Pakistani terrorist, do you know who shot Arzoo, Sandhya Rathi. Resham gets shocked. Mahek says its cheat, Sooraj and Sandhya promised that they will get Arzoo her rights, but they have given her death, they blamed her that she is terrorist. Resham recalls Arzoo’s words.

Rathi family see this news about Gul. They show Sandhya has saved everyone present there, and shot three terrorists, even a female terrorist Arzoo, who is fighting with her death, she is the only way to reach Gul. They all get shocked. Babasa shuts the tv. Meenakshi says truth won’t change by switching off tv, Bhabho, the one we were thinking as Chotu’s wife was a terrorist, she looked so innocent, marriage happened and we did not know she is Pakistani. Vikram says its good Sandhya saved us, else our family would have burnt to ashes.

Meenakshi asks Chotu did he not doubt on Arzoo, we are illiterate, you are educated, she was your wife, did you not doubt on her… she is terrorist, Pakistani, did you not realize this….. Chotu looks at Bhabho. They both get teary eyed. Sandhya looks at her family and thinks Arzoo’s truth broke the family, but they have to face this truth, where is Sooraj…… She looks around and goes upstairs to talk to Sooraj.

Sooraj says I felt like I m dreaming something strange, my eyes will open and this dream will break, but no, my trust broke, I have regarded this world just like me, whatever happened today, it changed my mind, I have doubt now, does trust, love, humanity, honesty… exist in the world, I was so unaware, I feel I was so foolish. She asks him not to think this, its not important that its true, humanity is alive by people like you in this kalyug.

He says you know, I showed trust on Arzoo, then why did this happen, why did my trust break. She says you are that ray of hope that assures that darkness will get away, a new sun will rise, you are strength of this house, you don’t have to break, you have to manage this family, just think what is everyone going through, who will manage Bhabho, you can’t fall weak. He says yes, I can’t fall weak, you are with me. Diya aur baati….plays…..

Chotu hears the recording by Arzoo, that she has kept the keys, she keeps her promise, thanks for bearing her. He sees the keys and gets sad. Piya calls him and says congrats, thank God Arzoo was a terrorist, none can save her now, we got money and way got clear. Chotu scolds her angrily and says you don’t know anything, you are just after money. He ends call.

Pari asks Emily was Arzoo really a terrorist, but she did not look such. Ved wakes up. Emily rushes to him and asks what happened, what do you want to say, are you fine…. Ved falls asleep. Bhabho recalls Arzoo’s words and whatever Sandhya told against Arzoo.

The people hear the news of Sandhya shooting her sister in law Arzoo, she did not think of relations infront of her country and duty. Vikram reads the news and gets sad. Sooraj looks on. Bhabho gives aarti to everyone. She tells Emily that Maasa called, there is satyanarayan puja, take Pari and go there, Sooraj will arrange the car, I told Maasa that you will reach till evening. Emily goes.

Bhabho asks Sooraj and Vikram to go and manage shop. Vikram says what, a family member went, how can I go to shop. Bhabho says she was not family member, she has come to cheat us, why are you sad, its cheat since many years, it happened again, she is Pakistani and came to backstab, its good that Sandhya did not let her wish come true, else Arzoo would have killed many people, she would have ended my entire family.

Sandhya thanks someone and says I just did my duty. Bhabho comes there. She gives aarti to Sandhya and says I have to tell something. Sandhya asks her to say. Bhabho says I have hidden something from you and family, you were checking that house yesterday, I made Arzoo stay there in that house. Sandhya gets shocked.


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