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Down three smiling au line

Down three smiling au line

England cannot win Russia, 3:0 win over Wales, first promotion is directed to group b 16. 2-1 record, beyond even their expectations. In chronological order, this directed the first dark horse had appeared.

Wales Road to qualify, although as far as Leicester miracle so surprising, but Leicester have several similarities: first is the underdog, group leaders Wales odds only 2 pay 7, be eliminated odds of 4 7. Betting prediction, probability of Wales to qualify only 3rd in the group.

Second is tactical and decisive, Coleman’s 532 counter-attack tactics, and Ranieri’s 442 counter similarities should remain intact, as is the Prince of Wales to win key; the last is the use of star players, although the cards are not strong, but Aaron Ramsey and Bayer two star players up front, already “works”.

Top 16 opponent is not strong

Group a, c, d III the third top 16 match, is likely to make Wales a further group a third Albania strength is not strong, third in Group c would probably be clearly weaker than the strength of Northern Ireland rivals Wales, third in Group d are likely in the Czech Republic and Turkey between, Wales can be high.

If scoring 8, they will not encounter France (Group have identified a first), Germany (likely Group c first) or Italy (already identified in the group e first), that is already half of Wales, super teams are likely to only Spain, top 8 tournament may face is the strongest opponent Belgium, and Portugal’s team.

Coach: don’t fear any team

Wales boss Coleman said, compared to 3 points, players make him satisfied with excellent performance, “being able to walk far to see who our next opponent is, but as I already said, the deal with which team we are undaunted. ”

“Out of it is my fault! “Russian coach to resign

Directed group after Group b match came to an end, Russia officially announced exit from the group. Russia announced at a press conference after the game, coach Sludski the message you are going to resign.

45 CSKA Moscow coach Sludski, last July Russia dismissed by the Football Association after Fabio Capello’s part-time served as Russia’s fire boss, because Russia Calcio has been Capello’s sky-high wages squeezed to near-bankruptcy Sludski nor the national team got any fixed salary.

Sludski said “I want to assure Russia fans an apology, and you should not expect to see such a Russia team, I am responsible for this! Team out was my fault. I don’t want you to criticize players, but should criticize me, directed after the Russia Federation needs new lead national team prepare for the local World Cup two years later. ”

Russian fans not to revolt

After the game, people started to worry about football hooligan fights will happen after the end of the game, Wales is, after all. United Kingdom. But Toulouse Street was quiet after the game. Only a few Welsh fans in a different bar for a drink to celebrate, they have not been a secret, but friends gather to drink, chat, happy to sing a few words.

Down three smiling au line

Down three smiling au line


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