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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 7 June 2016 Watch Full Episode

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (English: For the purpose of each other) is an Indian Hindi sentimental TV arrangement, which debuted on 79 February 2016, and is show on Sony TV and Sony TV Asia. The arrangement are circulated on each Monday to Friday evenings.

Nikita Dutta and Namik Paul are settled to play the female and male lead parts individually. The plot of the arrangement is around an adoration relationship.

Suman, a youthful and excellent young lady, who puts stock in being free and has a gigantic sense of pride, running her own particular little wander (Priya Central Tiffin) in Delhi.

After her folks’ initial death, her granddad, uncle and auntie raised her. This obligation transforms Suman into a contrastingly easygoing lady every time she is found inside the limits of her home. However, on the planet outside home, she is still the “has-everything-in-control” Sumo that she has been since adolescence. She ensures that she has everything in control and is intense. She ensures that no one wrecks up with her. Due to that demeanor and conduct, Suman’s adolescence closest companion, Shravan, names her Sumo. There are just two unfinished parts in her life; one is to reimburse the credit to her close relative which was taken by her mom to procure her appreciation and the other is to patch her association with a departed youth companion – Shravan.

In any case, as the arrangement uncovers, Suman in the end goes gaga for Shravan who has constantly cherished Suman, however as Suman offended Shravan in his adolescence days in the school, Shravan got hurt and went to London for a long time. At the point when Shravan returns, she is exceptionally cheerful.

In any case, Shravan has different arrangements. He calls Suman at the School Reunion gathering and put-down her before all the general population. This makes a fracture between the two. Since Shravan has got what he needed he chooses to about-face to London.

Then, some Mr. Khosla gets the first papers of Suman’s Nanu’s home (Tiwari Killa) and says that he claims the house now. Suman’s Nanaji approaches her to go to Malhotra’s for help. She goes to Shravan yet he is unwilling to offer assistance. So she chooses to go to some other legal counselor Verma. Verma calls Shravan and lets him know that Suman went to him and requesting that he turn into her legal counselor and how he needs to exploit her. This irritates Shravan and he chooses to battle the case himself.

Later, Khosla visits Shravan’s office and extorts him and requests that he leave the case. Shravan thusly requests that Khosla keep an eye out as he’s certain he’s going to win the case. Shravan rings Suman and says that he was going to her home. In the wake of having further chat with Raghuvar Tiwari (Nanaji), Shravan discovers that Nanaji had once given the papers of Tiwari Killa (Suman’s mom’s maternal house) to Priya (Suman’s late mother) a couple days before the mischance of her and her significant other and a short time later had brought the papers back. Shravan reasons that there may be a plausibility that the house’s papers may have erroneously been gone out and Khosla may have stolen them from that point. Shravan requests that Suman take him to their home which was unloaded by the cash loan specialists not long after Suman’s folks’ death.


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