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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 30 March 2016 Full Episode Dailymotion

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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani is an Indian television period drama that airs on Zee TV. It premiered on July 27, 2015 and airs on weekdays at 9:30 PM. The shows explores the love story of Rani Gayatri Devi essayed by the gorgeous and versatile Drashti Dhami and Rana Indravadan Singh Deo (Siddhant Karnick),

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During the 1940s, the royal family of Ameerkot is in debt to the region’s wealthiest money lender, Govind Seth. His beautiful daughter Gayatri is attracted to Rana Indravadhan Singh Deo, known as Ranaji, the King who has recently returned after fighting in World War II. Ranaji encounters Gayatri numerous times but is unaware of her actual identity. His mother Rajmata Priyamvada finalizes a deal with Govind Seth and compensates for the debt by arranging the marriage of Ranaji with Gayatri. The latter agrees because she has developed feelings for the King but is oblivious of his hatred for her and his love for his dead wife, Rani Sulakshana. Gayatri is also oblivious to future Ranis and Sautans. After the wedding, Ranaji reveals the circumstances of their relationship and his true feelings to Gayatri, who is heartbroken. She leaves for her mother’s home but returns. Thereafter the wedding Rana Indravadhan treats her awfully as he still has not got over his deceased wife. Soon after an imposter who looks like his deceased wife enters Amerkot. Rana Indravadhan allows the imposter to turn Gayatri into her maid and dethrones Gayatri. The imposter inflicts number of assaults on Gayatri. Drama unfolds and eventually the imposter is unmasked. A new villain in the name of Avdesh Singh Chauhan enters the kingdom and both engage in duels. Soon after Avdesh’s sister Rageshwariya enters the scene. Her brother gets killed. Circumstances unfold and Rana Indravadhan gets married to his third wife. History repeats Rageshwariya is crowned and Gayatri turned into a maid in the presence of Rana Indravadhan. Rageshwariya then further continues to insult Gayatri through Black magic and Rana Indravadhan.Rageshwari with the help of Badi rani maa do Vashikaran (Black magic) on Ranaji.Later on Ranaji and Gayatri make plan to make their fake death to find out the person who is helping Rageshwari. But Badi rani maa get to know about the plan of Ranaji and Gayatri and changes the fake bullet into real.Badi Rani maa throws Gayatri from the mountain. Gayatri comes back with a new avtaar to take revenge from Badi rani maa. Rana Indravadhan Singh Deo has been shot in the head, but Rani Gayatri wil return as a Banjaaran girl to take revenge. Gayatri will show everyone the true colors of Badi Rani Maa and Rageshwari.

There is a 2 months leap. Ranaji has lost his memory he can only remember that Gayatri shot him but he does not remember what his plan was with Gayatri. In his eyes Gayatri betrayed Ranaji. Ranaji thinks that Badi Rani Maa and Rageshwari are good persons and that Gaytri shot him because she could not bear that Ranaji was with Rageshwari. A horse rider finds Gaytri in mud. A docter in a village says that even she fell from the mountain she is still alive. The docter says that god did rescue her because she has work to do she can not die now. Ranaji has still the bullet in his head en everytime when he feels pain Badi Rani Maa comes and places her hand on Ranaji. She wears a ring that can control the pain in his head. Gayatri hates ayatri so much that he shoot bullets to Gayatri her picture. Badi Rani Maa wants to kill Ranaji but she can not. Badi Rani Maa came to know that Ranaji had made a paper wich says that after he will die his whole wealth en everything will go to the people of Ameerkhot. Badi Rani Maa says to Kunwar Ji en Kunwar Rani that she will make a new paper and that she will take care of the paper and that Ranaji will place his signature on it. Bit there is a problem Ranaj does not remember his original signature so now Badi Rani Maa waits till Ranaji remembers his signature and then she will kill him. Ranaji is protecting Rageshwari because he thinks that Rageshwari is a good person and that she did not do anything wrong. On the other sight Raajmata tries to explain to Ranaji that Gayatri loved him a she did not killed him on purpose. On the other side Gayatri is laying on a bed and the village docter says that his own medicine kept her alive 2 months but that Gayatri time has come and she is going to die. When the docters is checking Gayatri heartbeat, Gayatri hands fell down with the sign that she died.

When the village docter wanted to put the blanket over Gayatri head, the blanket fell. On the other sight Raajmata shows Ranaji the romantic pictures of Ranaji and Gayatri. Ranaji says to Raajmata that Gayatri was with him only for the throne. Raajmata slaps Ranji. Ranaji gets angry and let Raajmata be arrested. Raageshwari and Badi Rani Maa says that Gayatri has died and that they could not burn her corpse but that ranaji can burn all the memories. Ranaji do so with fire and Gayatri woke up screaming Ranaji. Ranaji is sitting on the couch and Raageshwari comes in and says to Ranaji that he should you outside to forget everything. Ranaji says that he give orders and he do not take orders from everyone. Then he says to Raageshwari to make coffee for him. Raageshwari do so then Ranaji drinks the coffee. he spit it out and says to Raageshwari that she can not make good coffee. He thriws the hot coffee over Raagshwari her hand. Raageshwari says that she came for love and respect. Ranaji says that he only wanted coffee. Then we see Lakhan he was the horse rider who saved Gayatri. Gayatri says to Lakhan that she has to go to Ameerkhot to save Ranaji. Lakhan says you have to recover first and then you can go. Lakhan says to Gayatri till the time you do not recover he will go to Ameerkhot to look what are happening there and he will tell Gayatri everything. Lakahn comes back after one day and he explains to Gaytri that the shot made him to loose his memory. Gayatri cries but then Lakhan says that Ranaji hates Gayatri too muck because Ranaji can only remember that Gayatri had shot him and that Gayatri wanted to kill him.Gayatri enters the palace as savithri.

Ranaji has become a very strict King, He beats the servant. Lakhan comes to the palace and says to Kunwar Ji that he will give him a grandson with Swarnalekha. Kunwar ji says it is good that he has come back and that he must to the work as soon as possible. On the other side Raageshwari comes to Badi Rani Maa to say that Ranaji has changed and that Ranaji put hot coffee on her hand. Badi Rani Maa says that she has to wait for 6 months. Because if Ranaji does not recover within 6 months then Ranaji has to give the throne to Kunwar Ji. Badi Rani Maa says to Raageshwari that she should be close to Ranaji and she has to try that Ranaji remembers his sign. Then Maha Shivratri had come and Ranaji has to perform the pooja. Badi Rani Maa says that Kunwar Ji will do the pooja because Badi Rani Maa says that Ranaji is sick and Raajmata is not here. Raajmata is in jail an she thinks only of Gayatri. Ranaji is sleeping and he sees Gayatri in his dreams. Then Ranaji sreams Gayatri name hard and the whole palace hears it. Then a girl comes to the palace with a Banjaaran look. It is Gayatri and because everyone is going to see Ranaji. Gaytri performs the pooja. Then Lakhan sees Raageshwari and says to her that she has to keep a servant to take care of Ranaji and he knows something. Raageshwari does not know that Lakhan is talking about Gayatri. Then Ranaji says to a servant that he made a crime because he disturbed a King his sleep. He wants to hit the servant with a hunter. But then Gayatri stops Ranaji and she fell in Ranaji his arms. They share a romantic look.


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