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Elbowed low black diamond face suspended for 20 million to lure him to go?

Elbowed low black diamond face suspended for 20 million to lure him to go

Elbowed low black diamond face suspended for 20 million to lure him to go

Eastern Conference finals game sixth, Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Toronto Raptors with 113-87, 4-2 eliminated on aggregate opponents, first to advance to the finals. Raptors Center Bismarck-biyongbo played 26 minutes, 4-for-1 4 points 9 rebounds and 1 steal and 1 cover.

Biyongbo is one of the greatest discovery of the Raptors in the playoffs. When Yunus-walanqiunasi against the heat in the series fourth war in case of absence, biyongbo and finally got a chance to emerge. Against the heat in the fourth to seventh warfare, he had 13 points, 13 rebounds and 2 blocks 1 steals, 10 points, 6 rebounds and 4 blocks 2 steals, 4 points, 13 rebounds and 2 cover, and 17 points and 16 rebounds and 2 blocks.

Against Knight in the series, biyongbo is good, he averaged 6.3 points, 10.2 rebounds and 1.8 cover is especially rare, biyongbo excellent offensive rebounds, which is also his differences with the General rebound ACE. For the popular play fast-paced basketball for the NBA, offensive rebounds to add offensive efficiency, can slow down the opponent’s attack is very important.

This game than Yombo is also good, although some of his data has shrunk, but taking into account the walanqiunasi return for sharing the resources, this degree of shrinkage can be understood.

But biyongbo game was too rough a little style tattoos. In today game of first section, biyongbo on staged has once very bad of elbow hit: first section 3 points 18 seconds, Carol three points not in the, biyongbo of rebounds card bit very good, he will Loew card in behind, jumped up caught has rebounds, then prepared fill basket–but on in this moments, biyongbo will ball lifted Shi, not know is intends to also is has no intention of, slightly opened has himself of elbow, so on homeopathic from Xia to Shang hit to has Loew of Chin. Loew suddenly fell, biyongbo the easy layup. See this, James was stunned, he brusquely, spread out his hands, eyes up now scan biyongbo and Joachim Loew, it was as if to say: “you’re furry! ”

Judges did not find that the foul in the first time, after a replay, referee biyongbo a first-degree flagrant foul, which means biyongbo will be suspended.

According to NBA rules, first-degree flagrant foul 1 points in the playoffs, two flagrant fouls, totalling 2. No bonus points, or just 1 points a player, if you eat two flagrant fouls, just accept Union review, deciding whether to ban.

If you have 2 points, and then encounter a level two flagrant fouls, it will accumulate 4 points, to an automatic one-match ban if accumulated 3 or 4 minutes, then another level flagrant foul, also racked up more than 4 points, to automatically match. If 3 or 4 points are accumulated, and then encounter a level two flagrant fouls, it would be automatically banned for two games. Accumulated for more than 5 minutes or 5 minutes, then any flagrant fouls are automatically banned for two games.

Biyongbo in the playoffs had accumulated 3 points, respectively, from the three-level flagrant foul, if this game after the game, the Union did not withdraw the flagrant foul (revocation of very small), then biyongbo will accrue 4 points will automatically be suspended for a game. Because the Raptors lost out today, so this ban will be automatically transferred to the next regular season, meaning that biyongbo will miss the season opener.

Such a thing had occurred before last season and playoffs Western finals game, rockets Center Dwight Howard in the fifth battle against Ge Dala a foul was upgraded to the level of a flagrant foul, caused Howard to be suspended for the game because the rockets are eliminated, so the ban was transferred to the 2015-16 season opener.

Has executives think, was will for biyongbo opened 20 million dollars of salary, cut regardless of this a price of authenticity, but can determine of is, biyongbo of worth does soared has, for one only will defense of blue-collar for, this is once salted fish turn, if biyongbo can not was big contract head, but sank Xia heart continues to hard, so not said chased this-Wallace, at least became Xia a small Jordan also not no may.


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