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Emre Nong PRU agents cornered the girl methamphetamine

Emre Nong PRU agents cornered the girl methamphetamine

Emre Nong PRU agents cornered

Emre Nong PRU agents cornered

Emre Nong PRU agents cornered the girl methamphetamine After the stingChaseamazing escape collision crumpled 5 cars swift (clip).

Ultimate thrill! click the palai hunt “Nong prue” amazing car to speed to escape big band siege crashed the car into a quick 5 cars damaged. The last agent methamphetamine girls gathering but this exposed Carom HA, little.

When July 12 news Facebook NI wathiwi 2559 published a series, click the darathuek special operations officers. Sattahip, Chonburi planning agents arrest methamphetamine owner girl chokes on “Nong PRU,” or the actual name that brand-new 28-year of age, Ms. Nuchotri rats and Mrs. Chanthaphen Chuphachon, age 63 years old but shows an arrest, m nongprue active is driving the escape. Officials used the car for 2 cars car cars front end and another one but this major methamphetamine trafficking accelerate breakout before ramming a police car with Sesame solder back. Make the car’s crashworthiness. Nong prue villagers damaged cars 2 cars so officers shot rubber extraction of all four lines vary, but the mother still accelerate methamphetamine trafficking escaped from the car, 3 cars, intercepted, corrupted demolished and officers injured 1 boss.
However, the authorities still have driven track vehicle found abandoned until end of SOI Petchburi 1 in area 4 Tambon Huai Yai. 3 km away from the scene, therefore, are several other search even finds em nongprue, sit Suk hiding in a clump of bananas, and when the accused sees the police have many ready to beg …

Mae methamphetamine trafficking: brother rats, rats, ask what you do for scores (many)
Police: driver crashed the car escape the collapse all three blockbusters.
Mae methamphetamine trafficking: brother, do anything.?. Aladdin?
Police said Joshi said: let see di!!
All this from a search in the car found 200 methamphetamine tablets and in house number 13/67 m 12. Nongprue found methamphetamine tablets so keep another 478 evidence before the accused both the Government sends list of Huay Yai litigation in the class 1 drug possession for sale.

For em, nongprue, a major drug trafficking have been arrested in the offence of drug trafficking and was imprisoned for nearly three years after the penalty came out 1 year of career anchor with drug trafficking again until the wealthy money to buy luxury cars. Use of the brand name After this, the police will investigate expanding the results the following behind.

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