The examination Committee, they sit a pair of coffee post clues Mahavir kratom leaves

The examination Committee, they sit a pair of coffee post clues Mahavir kratom leaves

examination Committee

examination Committee

Air force. The examination committee headed a long slow Field Chief 1st v Winyut. After the couple leaves post to sit down Facebook, coffee shack. If found to be guilty of Vs. disciplinary punishment, for sure.

From the case of a young singer, a famous southern Thai. R v Bao long slow Field Chief 1st Winyut. Post pictures holding a mug of coffee, which is the kratom leaves show the drug category 5 into Facebook, making the private call police investigation after it headed for the apology came with v-what is happening with stating that such relatives took their phone to take a photo and post it to Facebook [read the news: v image of man apology down coffee leaf cabins on Facebook. Relative references, as people post] The latest Air Force Maj. Gen. Phongsak SEMA 2559 July 11 victory spokesman air force have discussed the case, said that after the note on the bosses, it purchased the Committee investigated facts that occur immediately.

Both these After a Committee investigated the fact it has a coordination, and Field Chief 1st Winyut about talking is when querying the facts from the Field Chief 1st Winyut Assembly with view on the subject of testimony by various fixed in no time, it will be able to conclude the results of the investigation. However, the If found guilty, it’s like Field Chief 1st Winyut is discipline.

And on the part of the criminal case so informed that during the execution of a police officer and, if anything, coordinating cooperation comes in. The air force is ready to fully cooperate with.

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