Fanning play cycling to pick out smoke rebellious girls Kiss

Fanning play cycling to pick out smoke rebellious girls Kiss

Fanning play cycling to pick out smoke rebellious girls Kiss

1905 movie directed by Maike·miersi, Annette Bening, grace Ta·geweige, starring actresses Elle fanning three films of the 20th century women, recently exposed a new notice. In preview, the three women in different age, social status and psychological state, out of hundreds of sparks. Changes in social thought, the collision in 1979, various ideas and view of life struck together, very interesting.

In preview, Annette Bening plays a single mother trying to raise her children, and her children but don’t let her worry. In addition, the strength of the rebellious teenage actresses Elle fanning to join, the emotional cues of the film to become even more elusive. In preview, Ta·geweige, actresses Elle Fanning, the three stars Annette Bening, grace, openly showed his superb acting skills, it was quite enjoyable. Trailer bud tower with a small boy went to nightclub disco, techy to smash things, say goodbye to red hair styling “silly big sister” image. Fanning also changed his usual line of teen girls, riding in its smoke, and intimate with the boys move to the imagination. Annette Bening, saying, “heartbreak are you Jue best way to understand the world”, to the point, people clap Jue. Annotation of the film is “a letter addressed to people who had their own and raising a love letter”. Trailer continues the Director made before Maike·miersi the beginner style, fresh and full of humor, clothing design and scenes have the taste of that time. As Maike·miersi held contrary to the big screen in the six years of work, the film is looking forward to.

Woman in the 20th century North American qualifying will be held on December 25 Christmas day opening draw and extend on January 20 next year, reflecting. This also means that the film starring Michael Keaton and rushed up the front, two of the founder.


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