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Fate of playing Warcraft Wu Wu Bong wife wife hardcore

Fate of playing Warcraft Wu Wu Bong wife wife hardcore

Fate of playing Warcraft Wu Wu Bong wife wife hardcore

Hollywood Magic Warcraft held a press conference yesterday in Beijing, Director dengken·qiongsi join starring Daniel Wu (decorated ORC Warlock Gul), Paula la·padun (decoration orcs aka RONA) to China to help out. This adapted from all over the world today players more than 100 million people, players take the time to more than 8 million years of famous Blizzard game IP movies, from the beginning of the preparations for the concern. In it, only appeared in Chinese actor Daniel Wu, also let a lot of people scratching their heads, he said, “because his wife is hardcore, she said to let me play! “It is reported that the June 8 release of the film, as of now the zero point field is almost sold out at the box office, box office has exceeded 20 million Yuan, overseas media a bad review can’t seem to stop tribal Union once again gather in the theater.

Filming the original intention

Director to sit as “Warcraft” has prepared 20-year

Tells the story of two worlds–the Warcraft Alliance and Horde races of humans and Orcs, stand up and fight for their own survival and the homeland of the story. Core plot to subvert the “human justice, and the orcs are evil,” the traditional concept, from the point of telling the story of the war.

Said up had received took Warcraft of causes, Jones revealed, when just took finished original code Hou response good, in heard Warcraft of project temporarily stalled Shi, he contact has tablets party wants to chat chat script: “I on they said ‘ human is good, beast people is bad ‘ and cannot defined ‘ Warcraft ‘ of essence, I is hope can and they said said I personal on ‘ Warcraft ‘ of understanding. And Blizzard listens to agree after my story, the movie quickly launched. “In addition to the story of the game, and one of the biggest challenges was how to get the orcs showed that” requires a lot of close-range shots, the role will stand the test, players found the memory of feeling to go around and explain why it is so, so that the plot itself has no threshold. ”

When asked when how long did to prepare for the movie, Jones proudly, “I play the game for 20 years, so it has been in a State of preparation. “As for this 20 plays which role in the game, he very consciously worked as a referee and said in any case will uphold justice, Jue not selected edges line up.

Dialogue leads

Daniel: filming is very comfortable, as pajamas is OK

Q How did you think of playing Warcraft?

A but I am not going to take this movie. Gave birth to her daughter after my wife and I have agreed, in order to accompany their children, and do not take any movie within a year. After the Director had received invitations, I told my wife, she heard Warcraft unusually excited, she says wants to play anyway. My wife Lisa is “Warcraft” hardcore, she played for eight years. “Union” and “tribal”, so that when we prepare the role of Gul, many do not understand the question, and I will ask her. Therefore, the wife is the reason for my making this movie.


I’ve heard this movie with special advanced technique, first contact with motion-capture feel?

A motion capture is so advanced, Asia was not before. Before shooting, we have an ORC School (ORC), specially trained actor’s body language. This is the first time I tried, it renders the effect is very realistic, the screen is also very true, I saw it was completely shocked. In addition, because the role of Gul was a hide behind special effects, so for me there is another benefit, is to have to put a mustache and makeup. Compared to other actors needed four hours up time, I can handle as long as twenty or thirty minutes, so comfortable. And I day wearing pajamas and slippers can be taken, it is so much fun.

Q such high face value interpretation of “Dan” the heavy roles, you’re too capricious.

A plays the villain this time is different from before, such as the new police story. Playing a role other than humans, I go in search of his soul and what is the starting point. In fact many actors who are willing to take action to capture the drama and make the audience more about performance rather than appearance. I didn’t care about the image issue, so don’t care about Daniel, I just Dan.

Not the players understand it? YES!

Publicity from the beginning was labelled “fan films” label of Warcraft, seems to want to show whether gamers or not to integrate into this fantasy world. Director Jones said Warcraft historical background of the story is very long, it was adapted into a film of one of the biggest challenges. “Two worlds, one home” is the central theme of the film, “the story was very independent and opposing positions set is also very clear. I want to capture more than just ‘ WOW players ‘, but more of a non-gamer audience. ”


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