Groups of prisoners, prison life support instructor until his heart attack survivors

Groups of prisoners, prison life support instructor until his heart attack survivors
Groups prisoners

Groups prisoners

Click a doprathap mind. Groups of prisoners, prison death-defying rescue instructor. After the senseless per page per page. Revealed that there will be no gun or not. If the unconscious, it need help

When a website reveals the July 7 2559 impressive WFAA story from jail under the County Court building in Venice thoefod city, Parker County, Texas United States. When a prisoner has a heart attack occurs, one falling tension go down while prisoner, but inmates of at least 8 people, it did not take the opportunity to escape, however; Reverse the jailbreak came out yelling, get help from other users until the officers called rescue these prisoners hold Guard truly.
This event occurs when this past June 23 A group of prisoners were tied up and taken to detention in jail under the County Court building in Venice thoefod, but during the prisoners which have not been disclosed the names are funny talk offers prisoners with the HA address. He was a heart attack, and the falling fold on the Chair. Eyes all jail inmates

Without the wait The prisoners in different prisons shouts for assistance Before a jailbreak out ‘ together shout for assistance directions. Despite the risk of being hurt if someone else finds entering they risk until eventually the officer upstairs suddenly realized what happened and call an ambulance came to take the time to the hospital?
After Nick Milton Granger The prisoner, one of the men has revealed that “he was going to fold, bigtits. Looks like it was dying at that same concern that us officials on the US laeosatkrasun to end chaotic. The pulse of the dance we not yelling, get help, and knock on the door. One man tries to grab emergency radio After a busy day the officer listed. They think that we think that we hit the jailbreak “with saying that the supervisor was good. He never hesitated to help the crook Even the supervisor will have a gun, however, He’s not the son if the unconscious He will need help.

The Ryan-speed jungle The officer leading the team down check the supervisor has revealed that it has a gun and it has a padlock may be worse situation occurs, however. When he comes down to see the prisoners released from jail. He still doesn’t understand what happened. It tried to welcome the prisoners into jail before. When you see the unconscious The officer had started doing CPR and called an ambulance to come straightaway.

This is Mark r. net officers believed the prisoner, this group lives truly hold the guard. If they do not screw from the jail, and then comes the shout for assistance may have to wait longer than 15 minutes for other officials to find him unconscious.

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