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Hands that appears five dangerous diseases

Hands that appears five dangerous diseases

Like other organs, eyes, hair and hands, many different States of diseases can be estimated but it is not necessarily because of any disease the symptoms of your hands, be sure to see them hotaham and its intensity will improve to contact doctors.

Hands that appears five dangerous diseases

Hands that appears five dangerous diseases

Long fingers and the risk of arthritis
Although the next finger ring finger may be long dead, but if it is in risk of arthritis in female symbol, then more . In his reasons, even hormonal aistrogen reduction role. If your index finger, thumb dead most long, it may be a sign of better relations with his wife and polygamy, but also cancer prostat zahrkertai.

Kpkatai, hands and Parkinson disease
If it kpkpatai the hands of caffeine abuse, and Depression era conduit to pharmacological reaction, too. But the abuse contact their doctors. All experts agree that this may be a sign of Parkinson’s disease may be caused by a tumor in the brain or is srtani or even ghirsrtani. The good thing is that this treatment exists.

Nail diseases the color of the frame
An Indian doctor has 100 patients suffering from severe kidney disease, conscious that it was known that 36% of the patients half white and the rest under the color of the NailĀ guard on Brown. Because of anemia and kidney disease after altering hormonal. If you have no pain, deep colors, and half of the nails on the other hand, must contact the doctor. If nails are convex or straight lines on the deep cause of the cancer.

A weak grip, stroke and heart diseases
The risk of stroke, weakness of the nerves grip weak and low life. Recently, an international medical research journal published a study of 17 countries in 40 lienst hazarafrad from which it is derived. This is because the power of the muscles, including the heart weakness of grip is especially as better blood pressure. It is necessary to improve the heart exercise at least 30 minutes daily and fast steps in the United States.

Fingerprints and high blood pressure
British experts have fngrprints 139 people. The people finger (fngrprints) are a mrgholey greater risk of high blood pressure in the (oral). As this will be more of a BP marks fingers equally. According to experts in the mother’s womb because of various diseases and become fingerprints as well.


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