Hugh Herr Princess of Asturias of scientific and technical research award

Hugh Herr Princess of Asturias of scientific and technical research award

Hugh Herr Princess of Asturias of scientific and technical research award

Hugh Herr Princess of Asturias of scientific and technical research award

The engineer and Professor of Biophysics at the Instituto Tecnologico de Massachusetts (MIT), Hugh Herr, was the awarded to the Princess of Asturias Award for scientific and technical research for their work and research in the field of bionics.

The jury has made public its ruling for the MIT Professor on Wednesday, by “having developed the first prosthesis that manage to emulate the human locomotion, allowing to overcome disabilities, as he himself has”, as underlined.

At age 17, Hugh Herr suffered the amputation of both legs after suffering the freezing of its members during an expedition in montana. Result of this fact, the engineer directed his effort and talent to try to improve the mobility of persons with disabilities.Hugh Herr Princess of Asturias of scientific

The candidacy of Hugh Herr was proposed by Robert Langer, Prince of Asturias Award for scientific and technical research in 2008. Herr opted now to award this category in 2011.

Hugh Herr made a statement after learning that he will receive the award, in which says feel “deeply moved”, and that he expects the recognition of his work to help put an end to human disability.

“I feel deeply touched to receive the award (…) As a result of a mountaineering accident, my legs were amputated in 1982 due to the damage caused in the tissues by freezing. Since then, I have dedicated my life to the progress of science and the basic technology to allow repair bionics of human beings. “I hope this recognition throw light on the global mission to end human disability in the twenty-first century through continuous advances in Bionics”, said Herr.

World leader in bionics and biomechanics
This biomechanical, 51 years old, born in Pennsylvania, USA. UU, stands out for its work in the development of systems of Robotics that are focused on improving the physical capacity of the human being.

Today is considered a world leader in the field of bionics and biomechanics. It was designed special legs that even allowed him to keep practicing climbing.

The jury highlighted that the investigations carried out by Herr in the field of the biomechatronics have given rise to a new kind of Bionic prostheses that are controllable by the brain, combining artificial intelligence, neurophysiology and robotics.

“These contributions are accelerating the human-machine integration, allowing you to improve the quality of life of millions of people,” highlighted the jury that awards the prize.

In this edition of the award of research have participated a total of 34 candidates, from 16 countries. The last year, the prize was awarded to the biochemical Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna.

Four Princess of Asturias in fail is
This has been the fourth of the eight Princess of Asturias Awards in fail this year, where he meets the thirty-sixth edition.

Earlier, were awarded the Princess of Asturias Arts actress and Director, scene Núria Espert Romero; of communication and Humanities, to the American photojournalist James Nachtwey and the social sciences to British historian Mary Beard.

In the coming weeks will fail the corresponding lyrics, sports, international cooperation, in this order. The Princess of Asturias for Concord will fail is the month of September.

The award is given in the Princess of Asturias Awards is endowed with a sculpture of Joan Miró – representative symbol of the galardon−, the amount of € 50,000, a diploma and an insignia. The awards will be presented by the Kings in the fall in Oviedo.