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Intel creates space Innovation Accelerator upgrades don’t always stay in the lab

In the last six months, national 7 area after the race, 3 projects from 1053 projects have been selected, access to the “Accelerator Intel create space innovation award”. The three projects involved at the popular gene-sequencing (precision medical), vision (robot) as well as areas of cloud base station, good match with Intel is currently focusing on eight areas of. And after this selection, these business ideas will be brought into Intel’s ecosystem, butt-related supply chain, from the ideas out of the lab, volume production, and even the formation of industry.
Intel’s global Vice President Yang Xu summary words, space entrepreneurs is in an idea, which is a sample. And Intel create space Accelerator upgrades for “Intel Innovation Accelerator” after the core elements: innovative project provides resources for creating space docking, accelerating growth.
Lick blood entrepreneurs need to accelerate on the edge of opportunity
“Intel Accelerator space innovation contest” starts the second half of last year, area across national 7 area. Finally, the expert comments on 3 projects were selected: extremely high-speed gene sequencing data analysis platform, Visual navigation controller, zhongzhi cloud base station breaks down the three prizes.
These three projects involving the most popular precision medical, robotics, and cloud computing. Because of hot, able to stand out from the many entrepreneurs is more difficult. Such as gene sequencing and gene sequencing is an important part of accurate medical, has subverted the people’s awareness of the disease and treatment options. Gene sequencing is facing a tough challenge: gene sequencing will generate huge amounts of data. Very high-speed gene sequencing data analysis platform’s founders said: everyone doing a DNA test is 200GB data, you need a good data analysis requires 40 hours. With the popularization of gene sequencing technology, more and more data, the growth rate is more than Moore’s law. This needs a good calculation scheme to process these data.
“Based on the Intel architecture, through our optimization approach can take 40 hours to complete the whole gene sequencing time down to 20 minutes to complete. This will not only enhance the user experience is more important to increase gene sequencing company data throughput and reduce costs. “The founders say.
Likewise, win the Championship and third place team is also based on the Intel products and technology have made a breakthrough in the relevant fields.
“We can use the FPGA chip for Intel, working with large amounts of data in Visual form, making a robot can rely on Visual navigation. Equivalent of the robot is equipped with the eyes, just installed our product on a general electric forklift, forklift, electric forklifts could be turned into a robot, you can implement their own navigation, this technique is unique in the world. “Visual navigation controller founder said.
In fact, these three projects and eight innovation in Intel’s focus areas are closely related. In the context of all things connected, Intel hopes to involve the front end many “things” needed awareness technology, computing technology, and transmission data transmission technologies, storage technology; back-end data processing capability; depth of learning in the future, and so on. “Intel on chip algorithm to calculation of the entire end-to-end data for investment. “Yang Xu said.
Specific to the field of words: virtual reality, artificial intelligence, unmanned, 5G, sports, robotics, medical, precision manufacturing 20,258 fields in China.
“In the context of globalization, competition has no boundaries. Eight areas mentioned include Intel, in fact, entrepreneurs are licking blood living on the edge in these areas. “Winning entrepreneur laments,” keen competition, we cannot simply rely on its own strength grow rapidly. For a small company, we would like to have a chance to accelerate. ”
Intel: innovation can not stay forever in lab
Entrepreneurs need to “fast track” chance Intel may give. Intel Accelerator space set up for almost 2 years, Yang Xu announced plans to upgrade to “Intel Innovation Accelerator”.
“We have been exploring, in the past two years we have been the lessons learned, and continuous evolution. “Yang Xu said,” next year, when we thought, good projects and ideas can’t always stay in the laboratory. We need entrepreneurs with ideas to come in, take the sample out. I think this is a big deal. ”
Intel China’s strategic cooperation and innovation business unit General Manager and director Li Desheng, China introduced the Innovation Accelerator, upgraded Accelerator before and the biggest difference is the space of innovation projects with Intel’s eight major areas of focus for a good butt. Robot vision navigation technology, Intel will link this project to robot innovation ecosystem, will have a variety of supply chain Conference on a regular basis, even including marketing activities.

Intel with these project out of laboratory volume produced zhihou, also can from three a aspects help to these entrepreneurs: first a is technology level, Intel for quality project provides related field of experts, provides one-on-one technology analysis, and discussion; second a is market level, Intel brand endorsement, introduced Intel ecological circle of cooperation partners to entrepreneurs, develop business; third a is investment level, Intel Investment Department if on project interested in will directly investment, or introduced other investment cooperation partners.
“Of course, we are only a few external forces, each project team, company, innovator of force is the most important. “Li Desheng said,” We hope that these innovative enterprises is growing, Intel’s more and more things, this is a very obvious benefits. Also has a greater impact, innovation in China was a chance to go to the world. “


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