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Intelligent tampon solves the “those days” a pain point

Intelligent tampon solves the those days a pain point

Intelligent tampon solves the those days a pain point

Editor’s Note: on HAX’s eighth team, a number of interesting products, members of the team also answers to my questions with patience and enthusiasm, and the story behind the product, also exudes a fresh charm.
This is HAX-8 one product-the intelligent tampons.

April 30 – Amanda as “Herstory” (history), she became my. First users of Flow. “The experience was great, the effect is very good,” Amanda gave a high praise of the product.
my. Flow is Amanda CTO Jacob and Karen Brief McEntire’s first business products. However, Jacob will never be a trial of his own design products–because this is a smart tampons.

Stories out of a group work said last year. At the University of California at Berkeley to create class, the teacher give you a job: making a wearable device. At that time she and her friends decided to make a demo of smart tampons.
Said the reason Amanda says this and she was under the impression the false impression about.
“Known to many cultures, the holiday has always been regarded as ‘ cursed ‘, is a bad thing. Almost every girl’s mind has such memories: Whispers in the bathroom talking about; with hidden sleeve cotton toilet; and friends ‘ help ‘, always with a shy look.
As a girl, high school is one of the nightmares pants hit the “bloodstained elegance”. Even worse there because a long time without changing tampons cause TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome, toxic shock syndrome) and, in extreme cases, even death. ”
It was just a job, but prototype is complete, Amanda did not stop there. Given the 70% of American women use tampons during menstruation, but would often forget replaced conditions, Amanda felt a need for this to be able to monitor flow tampon products, universal access to more women. She brought in Jacob in charge of technology, and successfully applied for HAX hatch, two went to Shenzhen. Although they only two people, but Amanda says their HAX Gets a lot of help from other teams.

This product consists of three main parts: the sliver with a humidity detector, devices tied to the waist of the Mobile App. After the sliver into the body, users need and the other end is connected to the leader. When the menstrual flow when reached, 50%, 25%, and 100%, can achieve real-time reminds App. Related video click here to watch.

Initially, the team will have Bluetooth devices into a sliver, of course, has many shortcomings (help). Is the cost issue, the Bluetooth devices and disposable supplies together, surely is not a small problem in terms of cost, and if the using replaceable sliver, repeated use of a Bluetooth device, seems to be at the health is not a good choice.
What is also very important is security. Who can safely use electronic device into a human? Imagine that survived in many Chinese women worried about a soft tampon use context, let alone on the Bluetooth device in the body.

So the team trial, eventually became the appearance we see today. Cotton has a low cost sensor can detect humidity through tampons on the the other end of the cable to the device, the device by reading the data, will transmit the information to the mobile phone.

In terms of comfort, from cotton to the Bluetooth device is placed within, and the use of conventional cotton is indeed my. Flow has a lot of improvements, but it still has some problems. For example, at the waist with a key ring as a reminder, this watered down from a beautiful and convenient.
Furthermore, according to Amanda, the price is $ 49, their sliver of additional cost, a little higher than the market price. Most of the cotton on the market after the health certification and testing of the user, so here’s the thing, my. Flow of products and not to any vendors, temporarily without any security certification, is available on the health guarantee?

However, my. Flow does solve a pain point for women using tampons: users unable to perceive tampon is full, can only be replaced by pinching. But this applies only to the stability of the blood of women, if the sister belongs to “the tide rises the tide falls” physique, sheets into chances of sika deer is very old. Therefore, intelligent existence of tampons, still has its meaning.
Now my. Flow is raising an angel round investments, Amanda was United States negotiate and investors, is expected to raise in the next year.


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