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iphone 8 new Rumors exposure

The recent iphone 8 rumors are very much, said the iphone 8 will adopt and Galaxy S8 similar design style, screen size up to 5.7 inches or so, but screen accounted for higher than, even the use of screen fingerprint recognition function, not only black technology, Yan value also almost burst the table.
However, today’s foreign media spread another message, the iphone 8 may not be rumored so stunning, only on the basis of cash increase screen accounted for.
Foreign media received the news that the iphone 8 screen size of 5.1 inches, by lifting the screen in proportion to plug in and the current 4.7-inch version of the body of the same.
Although this is not so amazing before the rumor, but for the fruit powder, actually is already very big upgrades.
In addition, this year Apple will release the iphone 7s and iphone 7s Plus, they are only in the iphone 7 family on the basis of minor repairs, there will be no big surprise.


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