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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 20 June 2016 Full Episode Watch Online Video

Dulaari tells Vidha that she is going to market and asks her to play there itself. Vidha is seen playing with kids. Viplav comes there and asks someone about the address. Dulaari misses seeing him. Vidha sees Viplav and asks Rakshas, why did you come here? Viplav says, Shikayathi pudiya…you are still angry? Vidha says my name is Vidha…Viplav says okay, you can call me Rakshas. Vidha asks why did you take my mumma’s purse. Viplav says I was stealing your mumma’s little angel pic. Vidha asks him to give it. Viplav doesn’t give it to her. Vidha blackmails him that and says she will fall and make her dress dirty. Viplav says you are a dramebaaz and returns her mamma’s purse. He says I came to return your mumma’s purse and asks if she will take a selfie with her. Vidha says yes. Viplav takes selfie with her and shows her their pic. Vidha says big phone, it is good. Viplav says I will leave now.

The Episode starts with Tripurari drinking tea at Dasharath’s house and says it is good. Dasharath asks him to name his ancestral property on Viplav’s name. Tripurari laughs and says why you are loving your grand son suddenly. He says I am still step son..He says you trust so much on your lover and spoilt grand son, who is always ready to sacrifice everything on women. Kanak looks on. Tripurari says atleast he is not selfish like you, old man . Dasharath asks him to be in limits. Tripurari asks him to be in his limits. Kanak asks how you are talking to Babu ji. Tripurari says time has changed, I have equal right on that land. Dasharath says wah…and taunts him..saying you are asking rights. Tripurari asks him to stop quietly, says Kamini doesn’t know about it, else she will transfer it on her name. He asks him to do as he says, and calls him Pita ji….goes.

Viplav opens his wallet and sees Dhaani’s pic. Just them her pic falls down, Viplav bends down to pick it and finds a purse under the table. He opens it and sees Vidha’s form. Mrs. Kaushik asks what happened? Viplav tells her that it seems that girl’s mum forgot her purse here, and shows the form which have address also. Mrs. Kaushik says she will call her and she will come and take the purse. Kamini asks Viplav to listen to her. Viplav goes ignoring her. Kamini says he is too responsible. Dhaani comes back to Mrs. Kaushik house with Parshiya to take her purse. Viplav senses her presence and asks driver to stop the car. Dhaani also feels strange. Viplav turns back, but doesn’t see her.

Dashrath sends Viplav to Delhi, and tries to vacate the widow refuge. Luckily, Viplav arrives in Banaras to fight the court case on behalf of the widows. To distract Viplav, Dashrath and Viplav’s mother arrange for him to get engaged to his childhood friend, Tanya. Viplav is enraged when he finds out that they were hiding the truth from him, and got him engaged by creating misunderstandings. He leaves the ceremony midway and goes to the temple, where he sees Dhaani drowning after fainting from weakness due to her fast. He saves her, but Dashrath’s illegitimate son and right hand man, Tripurari, takes pictures that Dhaani takes out of context and creates more misunderstandings between the two. Later Viplav calls off engagement to Tanya. He blames himself for stealing the happiness of the widows and plans to stay in the widow refuge to help the widows rather than going to US.

Dhaani and Viplav become good friends after she sees his genuine efforts. After helping the widows, Viplav returns home. Dashrath and Kanak create misunderstandings between them again, which leads to Dhaani hating Viplav. Dhaani gets engaged to Tripurari. During this period, Viplav and Dhaani are very conflicted about each others feelings. But Viplav finds out the truth about Tripurari having gotten Dhaani’s widow friend Suvarna pregnant, promised her marriage and then tried to kill her and the baby. He reaches in time to stop the wedding and Suvarna gets married to Tripurari again.

Dashrath is angry at his failed attempt and Kanak employs Tripurari to get Dhaani killed. He kidnaps her, but Viplav somehow saves Dhaani. While saving Dhaani, Viplav gets a head injury and falls unconscious. Dhaani saves him and gets them to a house where a lady lets them stay until Viplav gets better. Dhaani lies to the lady and says they are married to avoid getting kicked out. They spend multiple days there, and Viplav falls in love with Dhaani, and is about to confess his love but Tripurari and his goons catch Dhaani and bring her back to Banaras. The people in Banaras try to kill Dhaani seeing her in colored clothers, but Viplav reaches there in time and saves her. He confesses his love for her in front of the crowd, and threatens them against ever trying to hurt her, as she is his future wife. Dhaani gets very confused, and talks to him about his declaration. She doesn’t accept his proposal, and says she only views him as a good friend. Viplav doesn’t back down, and pretends to be taking a flight to US. Dhaani realizes her love and runs after him, and thinks for a moment that she has lost him forever. When he appears in front of her, she finally declares that she loves him too, and the two happily make wedding plans.

This irks his mother and grandfather, and they secretly try to stop it. All attempts fail to separate the two though. One such attempt accidentally leads to the death of Kanak’s husband. Even after this, and Dhaani saving Dashrath’s life by putting hers in danger, the two don’t stop trying to separate Viplav and Dhaani. Kanak comes to live at the ashram, and continues trying to create misunderstandings from there. She succeeds by playing with Viplav’s emptions towards her, but Viplav overhears her boasting about her plan. He feels bad for not believing Dhaani, and raising his hand to hit her when she tried to explain. They both meet, apologize to each other, and decide to get married in the temple to avoid anything else every coming between them.

They reach his house to inform everyone of their marriage, but find a family fixing their son’s marriage with Shalu. They decide not to tell anyone yet and continue as normal to avoid any issues in Shalu’s relationship. When Dhaani gets upset at lying to Dulaari repeatedly, Viplav tells her the truth, and promises to take Dhaani to his house as soon as Shalu’s marriage is done. Meanwhile, Shalu’s to be husband is revealed to be Dhaani’s ex-husband’s younger brother. The brother, Raja, blames Suman, aka. Dhaani, for his brother’s death, and has vowed to take revenge. Raja tells Viplav about Suman and Viplav agrees to be his lawyer. They joins forces with to try and find out everything about her, during which time, Raja finds out that Suman is Dhaani, the same Dhaani that Viplav is in love with. Viplav doesn’t realize that the girl he is helping Raja find is Dhaani. However, on the day of Shalu’s wedding, Dhaani finds out that her to-be-husband is Raja, and stops the wedding. She is arrested before she can reveal the truth about her husband’s death, and Viplav vows to save her and prove her innocence. She tells Viplav the whole story about how he husband was an alcoholic who used to beat her, Raja used to try and force himself on her and his mother used to threaten and beat her up. She tells him that the night her husband died, he was drunk and trying to save Dhaani from Raja, but fell off the balcony and died. Since Raja tried to put the blame on her and filed a case against her, she ran away from their house. In court, the prosecutor instigates Viplav by calling Dhaani a gold-digger and characterless woman, and he gets angry and reveals that he is her husband in front of his, Dhaani’s and Raja’s family, and everyone gets shocked. They win the case with Viplav’s evidence.


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