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Jamai Raja 28 May 2016 Full Episode Today Video

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The Episode starts with Sid knocking on the door. Roshni is tied and made to stand on the stool which is tied to the door. Sid breaks open the door and she gets hanged. Sid gets shocked seeing her hanging and struggling for life. He holds her and opens the rope and unties her mouth and hands. DD also reaches there with others. She says gas is on, and asks them to switched off the gas. She blames Sid and says Roshni was trying to take her life because of him. Sid says sasumom. DD asks him to shut up and says I am not your sasumon and have no relation with you. Roshni is still unconscious. DD asks Kesar to call doctor and asks Sid to get lost. Yash smirks and says I knew that you will save Roshni’s life anyhow. He says I didn’t get Roshni, and got troublesome woman like Sam. You have to suffer just as I am suffering.

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Raj and Simran are shocked. DD folds her hands and asks them to take Sid from there. Roshni gains her consciousness and looks at Sid. She feels bad for Sid and thinks DD is scolding him without his mistake. She thinks I wish I could hug him, support him etc. They take Roshni to room. She looks at Sid. DD asks Sid not to come near them. Sid looks at the rope. Doctor checks Roshni and says thank god, she is fine. DD asks Roshni why she have taken such a dangerous step and says you can share your pain with me. She asks her not to commit suicide again. She asks her to sleep now. They leave.

Roshni says she can’t tell the truth to DD and says we are doing this for Ayesha. Yash thinks you are playing game in my game and recalls Ganpath wishing him happy holi. He sees newspaper in Ganpath’s hand and takes it. He reads Sid’s message for Roshni asking her to save DD’s inauguration from the blast. He says you have to pay a big price for telling the secret to Roshni. Shabnam calls Sid and tells him that the goon have seen her, but she managed to escape from there, but couldn’t find anything about Ayesha. She asks her about Roshni. Sid says she is fine. He asks her to take care of herself and leave from there. Sid gets the same paper and thinks Joker got this paper and understood that we are together. He says Joker came in that party and was closer to me. He thinks how is that possible?

Sid tells Roshni that he will make everything fine when she is with him. DD blames Sid again and says my daughter tried to give her life for him. She burns his stuff and says I can’t bear that guy anymore. Yash smiles. Roshni and Sid come out and see DD burning Sid’s stuff. She asks Sid to leave her daughter’s hand and scolds him. Yash smirks. DD says if anything would have happened to him then? She asks him to leave. Roshni says no mom. Sid stops Roshni. Sid accepts his mistake and says let DD take out her anger on me. DD asks him to get out from there. Roshni hugs Sid and asks him not to leave. Sid kisses on her forehead, before DD separates them. DD asks him to go. Roshni cries and asks Sid not to leave from there. DD tells Roshni that you don’t deserve him and deserve much better guy, says just let him go. Sid leaves while Roshni cries. Yash smirks.

Sid is in his car and recalls DD’s harsh words. He recalls DD asking Sid not to return. He stops his car somewhere and thinks he is a failure. He couldn’t do anything for his family and daughter.


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