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Jamai Raja 7 December 2016 Watch Video Episode

Jamai Raja 7 December 2016 Watch Video Episode

Zee TV Drama Tonight Episode Jamai Raja 7 December 2016. Drama Latest Episode Jamai Raja 7 December 2016. Watch Full Episode Download IN DVD Quality Jamai Raja 7 December 2016. HD Zee TV Drama Video Jamai Raja 7 December 2016.

Drama Main Cast

Nia Sharma As Roshni Siddharth Khurana. Isha Sharmaa as Kritika Khurana. Ravi Dubey As Siddharth Khurana. Shagun Ajmani as Shabnam Patel. Sunny Arora as Ranjit. Kiran Srinivas as Amol Mehra.Gautam Sharma as Babloo Patel. Darpan Shrivastava as Kesar Patel.

Tonight Episode Jamai Raja 7 December 2016

Payal, Koel and Mitul come to the place where they found Mahi. Payal says she is sure that they will get proofs here. Mitul gets scared of ghosts. Koel says cockroach must be here. Payal asks her to stop nonsense. Mitul and Koel shout seeing rats. Payal asks them to be serious. Payal searches for the proofs. Koel gets something and shouts. Mitul says someone must have eaten chewing gum and thrown on it. Payal asks them to give the paper. She reads the prescription of medicine to get unconscious.

Jamai Raja 7 December 2016 Watch Video Episode

Jamai Raja 7 December 2016 Watch Video Episode

Gangu Tai and Payal scold Inspector for arresting Satya. Inspector says we will take out his hero panti. Payal tells Gangu Tai that she got some proofs against Aleena and needs Satya to help her. Gangu Tai says she will take out Satya from jail and says she is his mum in Satya giri. She brings kids playing slogans asking Inspector to free Satya. Satya asks kid to do mature acting. Media comes there and ask Inspector why he has arrested Satya. Inspector is forced to free Satya. Satya asks him not to miss him and says I will return to take back my Mahi. Inspector asks him not to be smart else he will arrest him back.


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