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Jin M6/M6 Plus-Super battery life/built-in security chip

Jin M6M6 Plus-Super battery lifebuilt-in security chip

Jin M6M6 Plus-Super battery lifebuilt-in security chip

Jin held at the China National Convention Center “Super battery life • cores without fear” jinli Super battery life cell phone listing M6/M6 Plus release and premiere of the mobile core. As Jin Super range m-series heavy work, Jin M6/M6 Plus not only continued the fine tradition of jinli Super battery life, always proceed from the user experience, the built-in security encryption chip and secure OS system, stereoscopic to create new standards for mobile phone safety.

Built-in security encryption chip for mobile phone security escorts
As the new flagship book, gionee Super battery life cell phone M6/M6 Plus interest of one of the highlights is “built-in security encryption chip”, which has received national certification authority security encryption chip.
This secure encrypted chip has “not the reverse decrypting” and “not a brute” two characters, so if the external damage chips, you cannot restore files that have been encrypted, gets the file is just a bunch of gibberish.
Jin M6/M6Plus to be able to “machine code”, every mobile phone security encryption chip is unique, a chip only corresponds to a cell phone. In other words, security encryption chip and handset is bound, put an end to the port the chip to the possibility of crack on other mobile phones, allows users to have a full range of confidential treatment, entered the age of the hardware encryption security.

Privacy 2.0, hardware encryption security upgrade
Software encryption method if you call “Privacy 1.0”, hardware encrypted through a secure encrypted chip space is “Privacy 2.0”. With “Privacy 2.0” jinli Super phone M6/M6 Plus can be bought to contacts, text messages, call history, photos, file, APP, video, in which the security, the protection of personal privacy and data security.
Jin M6/M6Plus of privacy 2.0 encryption processes are completed within the security encryption chip, has a high exclusive privacy and security only through the open user right before they can enter, not visible to other people.
Hardware encryption chip into the privacy of contacts, text messages, call history, photos, documents, and other hardware encryption, hide the APP, video files, so as to ensure privacy, the invisible, and only the owner can see.
Not only that, the user can also choose to “Privacy” to show or hide the desktop icons. If you want to enter the space, users at the desktop, dial, contacts interface, such as two-finger slide or by the prior entry of the different specific fingerprint to unlock the fingerprint into private space. In addition, enter password can also be entered directly in the dial. Do privacy the invisible, mobile phone was lost not afraid!

Hotline calls to achieve “one key”, ordered a dedicated secure communication
Jin M6/M6Plus has exclusive line-call features, hardware encryption protection for calls and text messages, create customized private, secure communication.
Hotline calls to achieve “one key”, that is, each pass line calls will generate a different key to protect privacy on the phone line. Even if malicious truncated packet communications, data cannot be interpreted, any information that cannot be restored by a pile of garbage, the effective protection of our political operators of communications security. Therefore, the line calls is Jin carefully crafted exclusively for people with political and business communications experience, allowing users to enjoy a private custom communication safeguard.

Payment protection one step further
Paid financial APP protection can be automatically detected, if during the installation process detects viruses, Trojans, or sources of piracy will prevent installation, users can also scan in real time payment environment, confirmation pop-up “Golden State security scan is complete” can rest assured after using, to ensure public safety.
In addition, Jin M6/M6 Plus pay for protection you can adjust to users in all kinds of remittances received in daily life identifies the class text messages increases the risk and, separately, encrypt and protect to prevent malicious programs stealing payment verification code. It is worth mentioning that, Jin M6/M6 Plus through the new fingerprinting of micro-letter official certified security standards (Alipay security standard OTA support), don’t have to worry about payment information leaks, using fingerprint payment directly in one step, safer and more convenient.
Pseudo-base station information barriers and “Security 10 anti-” hardware/software security worries
In front of Jin M6/M6 Plus, false information will be sent from pseudo-base station the informers. Through screening of signal characteristics, Jin M6/M6Plus authenticity judging communication base station and blocked the puppet information communication base station, greater protection of users ‘ information security and prevent fraud. In addition to the hardware encryption, gionee M6/M6 Plus software also has a double insurance, more security and more.
Now, all kinds of malware, theft, acts such as remittance fraud is endless, and all kinds of attacks against the security came into being. Jin Super battery life cell phone M6/M6 Plus carries a virtual location, call recording, harassment-proof block, mobile security, money tips, system repair, camera guard, virus, application password (later OTA upgrade), mail protection, such as “ten anti-security” feature provides users with a full range of mobile phones from the system level escort, greater protection of personal privacy and security.

In this 10 safety features, there are three particularly intimate, protects user privacy in details, namely virtual location, money tips and application password feature. Among them, the virtual location feature, you can prevent APP feel free to steal GPS information such as location, base station, and prevents malicious software for location tracking, privacy, and protect users. Meanwhile, user can independently as needed to set the positioning avoid tracks leaking, protect their own safety. Remittance function is to remind the fraud messages directly in the interface to prevent personal remittance fraud SMS deceive users and tags on such messages increase striking reminders and fool-proof Guide, so as to effectively protect the financial security, prevent users from deception. Butler’s new the application password is part of the State system, it can be used to set password protection, each time you enter the application will need to enter the password, so as to effectively prevent the application being view by others, protecting personal information, this feature at a later stage after OTA upgrades can be realized.
All in all, as Jin Super range m-series heavy work, Jin M6/M6 Plus new always always proceed from the user experience, from both hardware and software title “Super battery life + security” strength product. Built-in hardware encryption chip, creating new standards for mobile hardware/software, gionee M6/M6 Plus is our political operators preferred business flagship model!


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