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Kaala Teeka 1 July 2016 Watch Full Episode HD

Kaala Teeka 1 July 2016 Watch Full Episode HD

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Kaala Teeka 1 July 2016

Kali stops Chulbuli and says leave gauri’s hand. Chulbuli says we care about this house. Kali says no one said that doll is yours why are you giving justification? You can’t kick gauri out without proof? Raghu says Kali is right we can’t kick her out without proof. Chulbuli says she is a snake, she will bite us all. Raghu says to Leela let’s go and rest maa.

Kali hugs Gaurri. Gauri says in poor innocent Kali, she trusts me so much.

Baba asks Leela whom do you doubt? Leela says everyone. Baba says then let’s start with your daughter in law. Chulbuli is overhearing it. Baba says if she washes hands in this water, and water turns red that means she is the culprit. Leela says I won’t tell her. She won’t wash hands.

In kitchen, Leela

says to kali mix this haldi. Kali says sure. Leela says wash hands before it. GAuri asks baba how did it turn red? Baba says I did that. Don’t worry about it. Chulbuli is coming downstairs. She stops Gauri and says where are you going? Gauri says kitchen. Chulbuli says come and let’s do work. Chulbuli says Kali why you do all this work? Let her do this. Kali says I will do it dont’ worry. Leela comes in and says well done you have mixed this?



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