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Kaala Teeka 27 May 2016 Watch Full Episode HD

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Kaala Teeka is an Indian serial dramatization TV arrangement, which affectation each Mon-Sat at 07:00 pm on Zee TV. The arrangement is delivered by DJ’s Creative Unit. The show demonstrates a story set against superstitions.

Kaala Teeka is the tale of Vishwaveer Jha and his journey to keep his exclusive little girl, Gauri sheltered and ensured. Vishwaveer found that an infant young lady who has been surrendered can shield his exclusive girl Gauri from a familial condemnation.

Following 5 Years

Kaali is ensuring Gauri all around constantly. Some of the time, she composes exams for Gauri’s sake. She confronts heaps of troubles and contempt from Vishwaveer. Kalyani(Vishwaveer’s bhabhi) murders Manjiri and the fault goes on Kaali. In any case, Vishwaveer assumes the fault on himself since it is required to secure Gauri and that is conceivable just when Kaali is with her. Along these lines, Vishwaveer is imprisoned for a long time.

Following 14 Years

Kaali and Gauri grow up. Kaali is exceptionally canny and a decent vocalist. Be that as it may, all credits are taken by Gauri. Kaali composes exams for her. A person named Yug hears Kaali’s voice and is shocked that voice. He tries to scan for her. Everybody imagines that it is Gauri who sings and Yug likewise thinks the same. Be that as it may, Yug is not ready to discover Gauri. Vishwaveer Jha while looking for an appropriate husband to be for Gauri goes over Yug and sets out to get her wedded to him. Gauri at first rejects yet Kaali persuades her and she inevitably goes gaga for Yug and concurs for marriage in the wake of testing him two or three times. At the point when Yug’s grandma rejects the proposition considering Vishwa to be a criminal, he mentally conditions Neel (gauri’s sibling) into attempting to assault Sharmila (Yug’s sister). Neel endeavors to do as such, however is kept down by his heart at last. So as to spare Sharmila’s notoriety, Yug’s grandma consents to get Yug wedded to Gauri in return for Neel wedding Sharmila. In the mean time, it is uncovered that Manjiri is still alive. She lost her memory 14 years back and spared Yug’s life after which his dad took her in as his sister. She is presently living with Yug. Before long Kaali discovers that Manjiri is still alive and with the assistance of Yug brings her memory back. Yug-Gauri and Neel-Sharmila are presently booked to get hitched. Rather fate needs to unite Yug and Kaali who have become hopelessly enamored. Yug is really kali’s youth ramji.


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