Kasam 15 AUG 2016 Watch video Episode Colors Drama

Kasam 15 AUG 2016 Watch video Episode Colors Drama

Latest Episode Colors TV Drama Ep Kasam 15 AUG 2016, Tonight Episode Indian Hit Serial Kasam 15 AUG 2016, Watch Online Drama Epi Kasam 15 AUG 2016, Mp4 Drama Video Kasam 15 AUG 2016. Kasam — Tere Pyaar Ki is an Indian Hindi romantic television series. Which premiered on 15 March 2016.  And is broadcast on Colors TV, The series is produced by Ekta Kapoor .

Drama Main Cast

Zuber K. Khan as Manpreet Singh Bedi. Sharhaan Singh as Sandeep Sikand / Sandy. Malhar Pandya as Pawan. Vijay Kashyap as Raj Singh Bedi. Zuber K. Khan as Manpreet Singh Bedi. Hardik Khanna as Young Rishi.

Dailymotion Video Kasam 15 AUG 2016

Raaj says these rules apply even for tonight. Tanuja thanks Raaj for allowing them stay here, she assures Raaj about taking care of the place by herself. While walking outside, Raaj turns to look at them for once.

Vidhi was curt, Nidhi brings her attention to think about Nakul only. They ask Tanuja to clean the room, Tanuja says they will do the cleaning together. Both sisters make up they are too tired, Tanuja takes the duty to herself happily and send Nidhi and Vidhi to the other room. Vidhi and Nidhi come to the other room and find a bunk bed. They consider themselves as the princess while Tanuja is their maid.

Tonight Ep Kasam 15 AUG 2016

Outside, Rano was worried what if Rishi watches them and he comes to know these are Sandy’s daughters she wonder what he would do. Raaj says they must keep their identity secret.
Rishi return home in a drunken state. He rings the bell, Rano questions why was he late. She smells wine and scolds him, he turns to go inside saying they will speak tomorrow.

Kasam 15 AUG 2016 Watch video Episode Colors Drama

Kasam 15 AUG 2016 Watch video Episode Colors Drama



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