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Kasam 21 June 2016 Watch Video Full HD

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Gia walks around in the room, worried. She breaks a glass on the floor. Rave takes a photo of the hyper Gia. Gia says she isn’t supposed to get hyper still she is. Rave asks her to come to sit beside her. Rave throws her top on the floor and cleans it. Gia was worried what if her parents come to know, they will again call her back home. Rave says only her picture is visible from back. Gia brings the newspaper. Gia says Dian will take only two minutes to recognize her. Gia wonders what if she recognizes her. Rave says she can only do one thing, deny. Isha tells Gia that glass breaking is a good omen. Gia says there will be a huge line outside their home, stupid fans of Azher Khan will comment on her on internet. They all shout a big No. Megha opens the door, she asks who will make breakfast for her as they have fired the maids. Isha tells Megha she needs to talk to her. Megha sits on the rocking chair. Megha says alright, her BFFs also wanted to talk to her. Rave and Gia again head to argue, shout and accuse each other. Isha left the room.

Gia and Rave also leave the house. Azher calls Gia and asks if she saw the photo in newspaper, what about the date? Gia spills over the coffee. Azher asks if she noticed her day is already so bad, if she denies dinner for one more day she will get a whole bad weekend. Gia asks what he eats that makes him do such cheesy talk. He says he had beans and fried fish last night, and tonight he will have what she will order. She says no thanks. Azher says not this time, else he will tell everyone it was her back. Gia was enraged, she asks if he will take advantage of everyone’s helplessness; he might tell the press about it. Azher apologizes Gia and says he will never joke about it again. How she can even think he will take advantage of her and cuts the call.

Rausi ends the performance. The judges give him great reviews. He boasts towards Sahir before leaving. Isha comes backstage when Rausi stops her way and asks if she has been looking for him. Isha says Sahir actually. Rausi says he is the best contestant here. UC also comes there and asks why Sahir. Isha says because this is her show, her contestant and her business as well. UC asks for her blessings. Isha says he might sometimes think about business as well. She spots Sahir and comes to him. Sahir tells Isha that before she scolds him he controls himself really hard, but today if she says something there would be a drama. He isn’t a punching bag whom she behaves as she wants to and leaves.

Diana says the girl is in the article only because she exists. She asks Gia why she isn’t in their newspaper. Gia says she will try to find out, Diana asks what? That why she isn’t in the newspaper or who she is. Diana says go on, she asks Tara if she would be successful. Tara says she isn’t sure. Diana tells Gia even Tara knows she leaves articles incomplete. Gia asks what article. Dia says the same as what Azher Khan had for dinner. Gia says she has already written the article. Diana asks what he ate. Gia says Rajhma rice and fried Fish. Diana wonders who eat this. Gia says Azher Khan does.


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