Kawach 24 Sep 2016 Watch Episode Online

Kawach 24 Sep 2016 Watch Episode Online

The following Kawach 24 Sep 2016 COLORS TV has been released. DramaDownload.Com will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!! Enjoy.

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Kawach 24 Sep 2016 Watch Episode Online

The serial starts with darshan of temples. Rajasthan’s famous Balaji temple is seen where bad evils are controlled. Isha travels in car and her car beraks down near temple. She looks at temple on cliff and asks her driver to get car ready soon as she has to reach her engagement venue soon. She goes to temple and gets afraid seeing ghost on a girl and pandit trying to control it. Ghost says girl in whose body he is on is his wife and will take her along at any cost. Pandit orders his disciples to control ghost, they all catch girl but ghosts pushes them all and says he will punish pandit now. Pandit throws holy water on girl’s body and ghost escapes from wall. Girl gets afraid seeing all this. Pandit asks who is she. She says she is Isha and is getting engaged today.

Kawach 24 Sep 2016 Watch Episode Online

Kawach 24 Sep 2016 Watch Episode Online

After four years, Paridhi with her friend Minty travels in car. Minty asks Paridhi that she must be excited to marry Rajveer Bundela. Paridhi says she met Rajveer 4 years ago when he was shattered after his fiance got missing, soon they became friends and he proposed her to marry. She further tells that they are going to Balaji temple and since she is an archeologist and will examine old stones while Minty records temple.


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