Kelantan DNA results from kg am. Bar girl is actually of Incheon

Kelantan DNA results from kg am. Bar girl is actually of Incheon
Kelantan DNA results

Kelantan DNA results

Police confirm the results of DNA from the bar girls in panties u JYJ in Incheon, said sexual abuse is real, but also of Incheon inconclusive whether it is rape or not.

Shock news from the entertainment industry, when Ms. Lee Korea (fictional) A 24-year-old employee, entertainment in Seoul have meat or Incheon, Incheon, Yoo Park JYJ young singer and actress of famous South Korea alleged that he had sexual abuse her inside the bathroom of entertainment in which she works. We are ready to give evidence as the lingerie she’s wearing in the day of the accident, police examining the DNA before the woman to withdraw a stop to. While his way of young singers came out to deny the claim and of the intention of the intention to be back in the false and black mailing with confirmation that if u actually did wrong to insinuate. He will ask to leave the entertainment industry then has come to a stop it girl u in this same manner of several. While a female first have filed a young singer again.
By the last (July 8 2559) reported from allkpop website, stating that the police station, Gangnam in Seoul have DNA detection results that Ms. Lee’s underwear comes off, then that is the DNA of Incheon, Incheon, which means that u with a girl. Have sex together, but this is not yet evidence can point clear that rape or conspire?

However, such evidence has pointed to the fact that obviously u easy into entertainment for adults and have sexual relations with one of the employees there. During his address in the range also acts as a national service soldier.

Both these Police are still investigating this further, as well as sexual harassment lawsuits, three cases were reported by.



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