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Krishnadasi 5 July 2016 Watch Episode Online

Krishnadasi 5 July 2016 Watch Episode Online

The following Krishnadasi 5 July 2016 COLORS TV has been released. Dramasdownload will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!! Enjoy. Krishnadasi 5 July 2016 COLORS TV.Krishnadasi 5 July 2016 Live.Krishnadasi 5 July 2016 Full Episode Dailymotion,5 July 2016Krishnadasi Episode COLORS TV Online,Krishnadasi 5 July 2016 Dailymotion.

The episode starts with aryan murmurs and tells I also thought the same! She smiles and forwards her hand. He also forwards her hand. They both shake hands and smiles at each other.. Waiter brings food and gives to them and leaves from there.. Aryan keeps food near her and tells her to have it. Aradhya thnx him and haves it.. She gets hiccups.. He Pat’s on his head.. While she eyes him.. Sanam re plays.. He comes closer to her.. He takes chair from other side and sits near her. He keeps her hand on his hand. He kisses on her hand.. He tells I want to tell u something more imp.. Which my parents also does not know!

Aradhya asks is it more imp? He tells it is my life. He gives her one locket key.. She asks where is locker? Only key is there.. He tells locker is with me.. He opens his locker which is around his neck.. It opens suddenly song plays.. She smiles and tells it is nice. He tells this is my life.. I never thought about anything other than this in my life.

Aryan get teary eyes.. Aradhya tells him to be normal.. Then many will think.. I was beating uShe smiles. He laughs.. She tells now only.. U r real Aryan.. He smiles. Banjaara plays.. Aryan comes near her and asks for her hand for dance! Aradhya tells I don’t know.. He tells so what I will teach u!.. She gives her hand. They both dance holding each other.

Krishnadasi 5 July 2016

Krishnadasi 5 July


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