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Legend Muhammad Ali died at the age of 74

Legend Muhammad Ali died at the age of 74

Legend Muhammad Ali died at the age of 74

Xinhua News Agency, Washington D.C., June 4 (reporter Li Bowen)-4th legends of world heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali family said in a statement, Ali died at the age of 74.

Ali this week because of severe breathing problems receive treatment at a hospital in Phoenix, it is understood that Parkinson’s syndrome made his breathing problems are more complex, and has been on life support systems.

“Words can’t describe Ali’s contributions to boxing,” world boxing champion Mayweather said, “he is my life direction as one of the, has he just had me today. We have lost a legend, a hero and a great person. ”

Ali was born on January 17, 1942, teenager shows boxing talent. He has won 3 times world heavyweight boxing champion, dominated the boxing for more than 10 years.

Ali retired in 1981 after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s syndrome, declining health hospital several times in recent years, including the beginning of 2015 because of severe urinary tract infection hospitalized, but he is still a great deal of enthusiasm to participate in social and public welfare undertakings.

Ali’s last public appearance was in the United States of Phoenix raise money for Parkinson’s syndrome charity dinner, he wore dark glasses, back camel, looking frail.

It is reported that Ali’s funeral will be held in his hometown of Louisville, and further details were not disclosed.

Ali was the first place three times in boxing history to win the world heavyweight boxing champion of the athlete, was considered “the greatest athletes of the 20th century”, they have lit the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games cauldron.


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