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Love talk room

Love talk room

In love relationships, the most dangerous of all is not the answer, but not even have the courage to act against my conscience.

God silent in recent days in the spring, all things wake up from their slumber, as if love will come come, it reminds me of a spring afternoon. That day, “Susan” about I gather she good news to share, but when you meet, flower-like smile she did not, but like after wind and rain whipping dead leaves, it is good to see.

After after a deep conversation, Susan confides just slowly, originally proposed to her boyfriend of six months, this happy event had hope that our marriage she started to possess depict family dynamics of the blueprint, but followed by, Susan never daring to say–about how she and her boyfriend of polycystic ovarian syndrome.

“The doctor has told me, the symptoms may affect my chances of conception, but boyfriend loves the child, especially after he proposed to me, don’t know how to say … …

Speech is a form of art, communication is learned, because we not only want to solve problems and reach a consensus, more eager to be accepted by each other with sincerity, and communicate through closer and more worth to discuss the content of communication, set out the emotional importance of organization and communication themes cannot be ignored.
So baby when we finally got courage, but don’t know how to ask, or when we may wish to use the following tips:

First, choose the time
Good time to let you know more about each other, not the time distance between two people. A lot of people after the courage, in order not to let the power disappears, so anxious and the other side white, regardless of the other party is busy, or the days on which it is important (for example, family reunion) is not suitable for quiet conversation, resistance to communicate that it has led to trouble.

Conversely, if selecting leisure time, such as the trip date, taste food, or just have nothing to do and no topic, can be cut to the theme of communication time.

For example early wants to tie male friends attempts to climbing dating, but late is think tired, and even not like, that may wish to select Dang two people in flat Shang dating dinner Shi, proposed communication: “actually I full like like such of dating way, because I of physical may no Hello, if we modified into climbing dating one months two times, seems also good, not know you think does?

Usually in this time, they will be more willing to listen to; if it is made at time of climbing, then the other side will just think that atmosphere is destroyed, inexplicably received complaints, misunderstanding or have deliberately picking instead of causing injury.

Second, keeping the atmosphere
Talk like flowers, need good soil on the basis of dialogue, clear as water nourishes the heart, also had the warm air to maintain the atmosphere, if embarrassing sound jaunty, you’ll make them mistaken for “it is a joke? “Perhaps not that important”; or create too seriously, half frightened.

Best climate control is to maintain a relaxed and calm tone, looked at each other with eyes focused, half understood the importance of this matter, soft tone can open my heart to help, improve understanding of space, helping two people communicate more smoothly.

Third, used
Space magic, can make in the range of people and things, are linked together, when you put into dialogue around or by man lead the conversation around them more easily into each other.

Later, Susan after listening to suggestions, select the use to carry around, step by step, into the theme, when she and her fiance at the Holiday Inn in literary SAR walked, surrounded by many tourists with his family as soon as possible, Susan asked the men say that they envy, and asked the man whether he would go to the children? Man answered, when Susan interface, bravely admitted: “if I’m honest with you, I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, may not be pregnant, would you accept it? 」

Man after hearing was stunned for a few seconds, clung to her: “in fact, as long as you are healthy and that more important than anything. 」

And happy is that they conceived naturally after marriage managed to get two crystals.

Say it is the beginning step, head of communication is not easy, but when you have the courage to speak, but also know how to stand on each other’s point, even using when the time is venues and business atmosphere, opens the door to new happiness for the next stage, in front of you.


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