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Lumia 750-Microsoft finally a functional machine exposed

Lumia 750-Microsoft finally a functional machine exposed

Lumia 750-Microsoft finally a functional machine exposed

Earlier, the national quality certification center 3C there is a handset model RM-1182, is said to be the Lumia 750. But here’s the funny part, the machine is 5V/550mA the battery and only supporting Unicom 3G network, so also the Netizen speculation, it’s not a Smartphone, but a functional machine. Now, netizens exposure confirmation function argument. From the exposure of the real machine diagram view, this phone is equipped with a standard T9 keyboard interface is not a Win10 style, duly completed a functional machine.
In addition, the need to be aware of is that the machine is no longer using the Nokia brand, but replaced by Microsoft’s Logo.
But since Microsoft had already sold business functions to Foxconn, so the machines eventually will stay in the functional phase, don’t end up on the market.

Microsoft officially confirmed its function of Nokia brand business for $ 350 million (about 2.28 billion yuan) sell to Foxconn subsidiary FIH Mobile.
It is reported that after the deal, Foxconn will have features of Nokia’s brand licensing, including the function of Nokia Software, supply chain and customer service agreement contract, the deal is expected to be completed within the second half of the year, also needs to be approved by the regulatory authorities.

2014 for $ 7.4 billion buyout price of Nokia mobile devices and services sector, in recent years, facing increasingly stronger Andoird and iOS camps, Microsoft both Lumia Series intelligent machine is on the common function of machine were frustrated, plus Windows Update slow series of 10 mobile system problems, users are losing.

According to Microsoft following a 2016 Q1 quarterly results that showed Microsoft sell 2.3 million Lumia Smartphone in Q1 of this year, down 73%, far less than the 8.6 million in the same period last year; functional machine also meet one’s Waterloo, Q1 Quarterly features only 15.7 million units in shipments, also much lower than the 24.7 million in the same period last year. Because of sharp downturn in sales, forcing Microsoft to make adjustments to the mobile business unit, sold and not very functional business making a profit is inevitable.

After the completion of business for sale, Microsoft said it would devote to Windows 10 mobie system platform research and development, and will focus on innovation and development in the Smartphone business. Worth noting is that have previously been the news that Microsoft will adjust the Lumia series, incorporating it into the Surface sector, the future of smartphones will also be the main Surface brand.


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