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M.l. teen 77 live in an older home streak lives near the collapse with a husband with a disability

M.l. teen 77 live in an older home streak lives near the collapse with a husband with a disability
M.l. teen 77 live older home streak lives near

M.l. teen 77 live older home streak lives near

M.l. JIRA 77 years, Sri Chan Kasem teens reveal their real life more than ever before, from the novel the Princess life comfortable but lawful must be living in an old house with her husband near the collapse conditions disabilities.

This morning’s story lists July 12 2559 channel 3 presents the story of one lady, which has a feudal to m.l. and royalty in the line of the present life, but the need to address the inverse return home for rent in contrast with the old sick husband as puppies and there are modern pool paresis name cucumber with Taro of solve loneliness.

This lady is, by m.l. JIRA chankasem Sri or your grandmother an effeminate gay man aged 77 years old currently living with Mr. Rune Prathumomni, age 76 years old husband or your eyes seem sick as paresis, and less of the prostate, which the couple lived in a House on SOI Sadao road. Sadao, Songkhla, Chiang by this House, is a House that neighbors are home and free, hardly any amenities, only tv. An old refrigerator and Cookware.
M.l. JIRA or Grandma in an effeminate gay man The story of their own past lives that it is a child of the Chirathip and Kasemsi raising M.R.W. Luke Lee. Kasem Sri Ayutthaya at the 8 brothers, people remembered the children lived in an alley in the healing mind, 2 side SOI Nana Nua district ยท Under international, before the move to SOI thonglor, remembering that regnal titles. Call you uncle that you water

And second life to refugee families in inverse when politics came in ban Khlong POMS. T. Tung-Lung, a. hadyai Songkhla in the year 2500, which at that time was approximately 18 years of age, identity, and was married with one child are thankhun together until there are 4 people with the ball you have moved to another location in Portland-area doctors, a. hadyai. Before moving back to Bangkok, all personal lives at Songkhla with family.

M.l. JIRA Monday recounting their lives that begin inverse the more. After a first husband, and begin to live like a regular before coming to the new husband is Mr. Rune Prathumomni. which professional construction and driving freight paid, Sadao.
After that, start a new life with Mr. Rune, it lived in the area recently, and Sadao began life seemed harder when Mr. Rune fall ill with the disease when paresis over 10 years ago that it could not work because their family has been difficult, it does not have what. And now, it relies on the elderly and persons with disabilities each month another 600 baht to 800 and has barely lucky the only remaining daughter’s money to keep spending? Section 3 then their child died.

M.l. JIRA also told that now that they are living as Bangkok which is very comfortable. The shuttle is available and has the book, unlike the current almost edible clay bed medium sand, but can be accepted with a destiny, and after your dad died, it is almost impossible to get in touch with relatives in Bangkok again and only granddaughter alone are Hat Yai, which still connect but can not want to claim their relatives?

Section prefix that “m.l.” their not interested anything. Only when a Government or Bank to inquire whether there is a real mom? Because many people do not believe m.l. is coming in and the end of their lives, not wanting to go back to Bangkok again, despite another two sisters in touch, but it’s a long time. Do not know how to start?

M.l. JIRA Monday said that end just to have better living conditions, this is enough, and not denied, if any agency or generous would help.

While your eyes seem to tell that the address range to m.l. CHAN, it doesn’t know that JIRA is m.l. until arrive first seen from a national ID card.

Both these Those who would like to provide assistance to contact JIRA m.l. CHAN can contact number 097-034-9778 or 074-460650, or via bank account, the commercial branch of saeda Thailand (Songkhla) Account number is 973-211138-3 account name m.l. JIRA Sri Chan Kasem.

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