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Where did many Apple rumors come from? That’s the truth

In this information age, we often face a lot of false news, like rumors about the new iphone, in a nutshell.
But at this time of year, we can always see the same scene happening. Rumors and rumors have attacked the streets, and the new iphone has been configured with a lot of crazy features and news that the new iphone hasn’t broken through this year.

Take the latest, about the new iphone’s fingerprint recognizer will post the news, in fact, this has a certain truth, after all competitors have been doing this in the market, but the Touch ID after the apple, seems to be a very big compromise.
Back to the rumor, where did the crazy Apple rumors come from? Or, where is the negative rumor about Apple products from? Have you ever pursued the original source of these rumors?
Kate had tried several times, and he dug through the date and phrase, digging deeper into Google’s search filter, and eventually he found it was a futile move.
But many of the rumours about the iphone come from outside the US and often appear in Asia.

Kate believes that these competitors are “suspected”, after all, Apple will be the straightforward lies and adverse commentary to blow, and in the mall, such a move in fact we can often see (say, to belittle competitors products, emphasizing their products is how good).
In addition to the iphone, rumors of the ipad, Apple Watch, Mac, Apple TV and even Apple cars are popular in the streets.
In foreign countries, politicians want to beat their opponents, they need to rely on a variety of true and false information, and many technology companies face rivals, will adopt similar practices.

Like politics, business is also a war. In the war, to give the opponent really trouble, one way is to rely on the “truth”, so now we see that many well-known technology to bring the company has wrong information is not surprising, because many media reporters are anxious to make a sensational error message before their competitors, in case the information is true.
When we can’t keep track of those sources, then soon we’ll see that all people will argue about this information, and then the information is advertised, and then we often see the message “More and more”, where are the crazy apple rumors started, can you find the final answer to this question?


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