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Mary Beard the history from the heart of the Colosseum

Mary Beard the history from the heart of the Colosseum

Mary Beard the history from the heart of the Colosseum

Mary Beard the history from the heart of the Colosseum

The British historian Mary Beard, 61 years old and new Princess of Asturias Award for social sciences, would be able to discuss hand in hand with Cicero in the Roman Senate or review with Pericles strategy in the Peloponnesian War. Not for nothing is considered the most important current specialist in ancient Rome and classical Greece.

Born in Munch Wenlock, Shropshire (United Kingdom), in 1955, Mary Beard is Professor of classics at the University of Cambridge and member of Newnham College and editor-in-Chief of classics in the literary supplement of the Times since 1992, as well as one of the most influential British intellectuals, whose opinions often raise many controversies, and prominent feminist.

Author of half a dozen books about Rome and Greece, among his most outstanding titles are the Roman triumph (2007) and Pompeii: the life of a Roman town (2008), which won the Wolfson History Prize that year. His latest published work is the SPQR. A history of ancient Rome (criticism, 2016), which reuses its entertaining and didactic style to bring the story to the reader and make him feel like a Roman citizen more.

Excavations at the University
Daughter of an architect and a teacher, while still a teenager spent a summer working on archaeological excavations to earn some money, but discovered that the study of antiquity, was it very interesting so he directed his University steps in that regard.

After graduating in Arts from Newnham College, Cambridge, after discarding study at King’s College to learn that not granted scholarships for women students, in 1982 he presented his doctoral thesis, dedicated to Cicero and entitled The state religion in the late Roman Republic: a study based on the works of Cicero.

Beard also taught teaching at King’s College in London and in 1984 returned to Cambdrige as a member of Newnham College and, then, only woman teaching in the Faculty of classics, which reported on numerous occasions by discriminatory.

In 1985 he published his first book, Rome in the late Republic, co-authored with historian Michael Crawford. It would be the first of many trials dedicated to Greek and Roman antiquity including works such as The Parthenon (Parthenon, 2002), The Colosseum (Colosseum, 2005), the living legacy of the classics (criticism, 2013), the Roman triumph (criticism, 2008), Pompeii (2008) and SPQR. A history of ancient Rome.

Prospect Magazine selected it in 2014, among the most influential thinkers of the world and, on many occasions, their views raised controversy. Among the most talked-about cases in this sense, Mary Beard caused a stir when, after 11-S was invited by London Review of Books, along with other thinkers, to write about the attacks. In his article expressing what, he said, many people think “open or privately”, that the United States “deserved it” and that the “thugs, even though his heart is in the right place, at the end pay the price”.

History for large audiences
The jury of the Princess of Asturias Award for Social Sciences has acknowledged the “extraordinary talent” award-winning “to convert knowledge specialized knowledge relevant and accessible to the general public”.

Thus coincides with the Professor of the University of Saint Andrews, Stephen Halliwell, which emphasizes that no other current Classicist has managed to combine as Mary Beard “so effectively professional excellence in the study of the cultures of the ancient Greece and Rome with exceptional skill. to communicate the interest and the importance of such research to a wide audience To do that, Mary Beard has developed a voice and unique style that characterised all his work–more than one dozen books, journalistic work, TV documentaries and a long career and notoriety blog-“.”

Thus, apart from numerous essays, Mary Beard has written and presented several documentary series for television, like Pompeii: Life and Death in a Roman Town (2010), Meet the Romans with Mary Beard (2012) and Pompeii: New Secrets Revealed with Mary Beard (2016). Also regularly collaborates with radio programmes and newspaper, in addition to writing almost every day in the Times articles writes the blog A Don’s Life.


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