Morphological, DNA is a 3-month child kids. Enter the rice-lots to do hear

Morphological, DNA is a 3-month child kids. Enter the rice-lots to do hear


Morphological, DNA kids!, 3 months is the ball. Enter the rice-lots to do hear. After the couple lean not known personally. Watching the wife the previous incentive tool. Enter the rice. Display the purity. Tell love like a daughter.

Progress of pretrial arrest, Pol. Lt. Col. Banyin Set PA Kon Deputy Minister of Commerce, sharing the kill in. Mr. Chuwong Saetang died in June it latest 2558 2559 July 7 police raid home of Ms. Uncha Wachinkunthon or enter the rice. The former broker’s daughter facing the Comanche Banyin Pol. Lt. Col. share transfer of Mr. WONG Shu there by dubious.

All the homes in the village of inspection Bangkok Boulevard. 9. Ms. Uncha’s buzz Rice found a newborn baby and the evidence which police confiscated at the submission piles to prove evidence for DNA detection. To prove the relationship between Ms. Uncha Banyin and Pol. Lt. Col. because earlier confirmed that the two are just acquaintances. Don’t have a deep relationship.

But the inspection found that the DNA from the child’s play matches Ms. Uncha and when I check it with the DNA of Pol. Lt. Col. Banyin was found matching the DNA of two people it has previously stored. By the results of the police knew the relationship between Ms. Banyin and Pol. Lt. Col. Uncha that dating my adulterous together.

Sections of such babies aged three months, calculated time. The couple is expected to have a relationship in June, which corresponds to the months that Mr. 2558 Chuwong died June 26 2558 is consistent with the testimony of Mr. Chaiphan Wachinkunthon. Younger brother of Ms. Uncha gives that the sisters have children ages 3 months to 1 person, but do not know who is the father, including specifying whether the sisters find Banyin Pol. Lt. Col. House no less than 4 times.

However, the This is a matter that needs watching because earlier Ms. Uncha out comments that do not know personally, but Pol. Lt. Col. Banyin known exposed litigation about stocks is similar to down the same boat, but good results coming NBA season. To watch your wife Department via the previous Banyin Pol. Lt. Col. directs Ms. hands says that the media page comes Uncha “loves like a daughter,” the pair did not have a relationship indeed.
There are also reports that the police officers were ordered to demolish the prosecution’s death Ms. Rotrinot Sinukun, former wife of old Pol. Lt. Col. Banyin died from a car accident, the damaged main hitting trees. Why born March 23 23.00 p.m. time period with 2534 daily the Government hordes Kiri. Stating that the Parliament, lots to hear his wife back from eating there. Ms. Rotrinot is a driver. While crime has overtaken truck came. Makes the driver want less abruptly until sunset and tipsy Dodge Street to collide with a huge neem tree. That is why Ms. Rotrinot. Serious injury before, died at a later time.

But from the interrogation of the closer ones. Ms. Rotrinot Ms. Rotrinot the Perm that driving is not contrary to the testimony of these issues which still require Banyin Pol. Lt. Col..

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