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Mourinho told Manchester United’s long confession

Mourinho told Manchester United's long confession

Mourinho told Manchester United’s long confession

Mourinho has officially signed a three-year contract with Manchester United, in an interview, Mourinho said: “I have always felt at Old Trafford with a unique link. “Maybe some people think this is a scene. But to review Mourinho’s recent comments, it is not difficult to find, his rhetoric has been more or less revealing feelings for Manchester United. Finally got you, but I didn’t give up … … Perhaps Mourinho when signing his name on a contract, and chewed in silence lyrics, below we check Jose for Manchester United and Manchester United’s “confession”.

In 2009, Giggs Mourinho evaluation: “can you say about a man who won 10 Premier League titles? His medal was the proof. Yes, we are talking about the greatest player ever in the Premier League. Says fair, throughout history, there has never been a player in the Premier League, and contribution to the team, can compare with Giggs’s contribution to Manchester United. ”

In 2010, Wayne Rooney’s rumored and Real Madrid, Mourinho said: “Wayne Rooney might have for some reason wanted to leave the team, but I believe he belongs to man United, he belongs to man United fans, as well as the packed Old Trafford. But if the end of the day Manchester United was determined to let him go, so please don’t forget to give me a call. ”

2013, Mourinho in coaching Real Madrid Shi, in Champions League suffered has United, then he said: “(against United) forever is a special of moments, because not only you is wants to won game, and is we everyone are wants to and great of opponents, great of coach, great of players, great of team with field competitive, United, is a support Fusion has all these elements of team. “When Real Madrid knocked out Manchester United, Mourinho an injustice for man United, he said:” today the best team lost. ”

In 2013, when United in the selection of successors to the Ferguson and Mourinho is not selected, in the face of media questioning, he intended to avoid in an interview, he said: “I am what I am, where I want to go to, who I’m not going to change. ”

In January 2014, Mourinho said of Matta: “I did not let him feel sorry for one game, but football is football and my Oscar in that position at the core, and other players played very well, he is not fit. Therefore, like Manchester United a club came, he promises he can play his favorite position, so I can let him go. ”

In 2014, when Manchester United have appointed Moyes, Mourinho said: “Manchester United gave Moyes unparalleled trust, to let him take over Ferguson’s gun. To know that this club has a long glorious history. They believed that perseverance, believes the coach’s strengths. “And when Moyes into a crisis, he said:” I’m really sorry for them, both Moyes and Manchester United, to see the others in crisis makes me unhappy, but Manchester United was Manchester United, don’t forget. ”

In December 2014, Mourinho has said of Ferguson: “whether Ferguson’s unparalleled talent, or is he devoted so many years of effort for United, made him a unique football exists. His passion, passion after he privately kind, friendly, and unique sense of humor. I appreciate him very much. ”

In April 2015, Mourinho said of van Gaal: “he is a great coach, I believe that Manchester United has been ready to go. I’ve always thought he was one of my best friends, but as a result of work, as a competitor, we can’t talk every week, but our friendship did not break from the bottom.

May 2015, when Mourinho when compared to Ferguson, Mourinho said: “I still have a long way to go, but Sir Alex Ferguson retired in a location that cannot be touched by anyone. I can’t like him won 13 league titles. I can say that I can win 13 titles, I can do that, because now I have 8 titles in the future I can reach 13, but gets 13 Premier League title, this is not possible, have a chance. ”

October 2015, Mourinho said of Old Trafford: “in the past when I was because the charity match at Old Trafford, fell in love with it. Filled with fans of the Shanhu tsunami. In addition to the players on the field, who visited the talk-show host, singer, and actor, is here a strong atmosphere of photographed live soul, fully immersed into it-and that’s just a charity game, Old Trafford, is a place where you put and enjoy. ”

In May 2016, mussina officially became Manchester United boss, he said: “Manchester United are a top Club, and the Giants must have the best coach. I think I’m ready. I am very pleased, proud and glorious. ”


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