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Muhammad Ali is gone

Muhammad Ali is gone

Muhammad Ali is gone

Ali is the history of the first three times to win the heavyweight championship boxers, was awarded one of 25 “of the 20th century’s greatest athletes,” the IOC.

  (Kentucky 4 Reuters) Saturday noon Malaysian time, a generation of boxing champion Muhammad – Ali’s family confirmed that Ali and fight Parkinson’s disease 32 years after his death, at the age of 74 years. Ali will be buried in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

  Ali is the history of the first three times to win the heavyweight championship boxers, was awarded one of 25 “of the 20th century’s greatest athletes,” the IOC. In professional boxing career, he was all good boxers carried out “the ring of dialogue.” Especially with Joe Frazier’s “San Francisco Duel” has become a classic in the annals of boxing loaded.

  Thursday, boxing legend due to difficulty breathing and was taken to a hospital in Scottsdale, Arizona. The 1980s, Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. According to RadarOnline reported that the vital organs of the former boxing world champion has been failure, can only rely on a doctor’s help to continue breathing.

  Ali’s last public appearance this year was on Fight Night Charity Gala April 9, when in Phoenix, Arizona, but the body looks increasingly frail. In recent years, he was hospitalized several times. January boxing champion in his home because of poor physical condition was taken to hospital.

  Ali’s career has had many classic battles, such as the 1974 war in the jungle and Foreman in Kinshasa in 1975 and Frazier in Manila Shijizhizhan, and so on. However, because the head of thousands of times by the blow, Ali’s health has been compromised, which is also considered an important reason Ali suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

  Ali’s performance is more respected man on the sidelines, in the 1960s, although Ali is at the peak of his career, but compared to the famous butterfly footsteps, he was “anti-war fighters” better known by the title, he had publicly rejected Vietnam, attracted a great response.

  Unfortunately Ali in 1984 suffering from Parkinson’s disease, this condition the next 30 years has been working with him as partners, but he has always been committed to religion, charity and maintenance of world peace, and therefore subject to a number of countries up to the president down to the ordinary people support.

  At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Ali lit the Olympic flame has become a timeless classic scene in Olympic history. Although in recent years the body has been plagued by Parkinson’s disease, so Ali even talk more difficult, but he always express their views on public affairs through family and spokesman.

  James: Black model

  Are preparing for the second NBA Finals Cavaliers star James was young when he idolized Ali, and Ali’s home in Louisville, only 300 miles from his hometown of Akron, James. James called social influence Ali is his greatness, “he is not only an example of athletes, but for all black people, all living in the impoverished region where people Daibiaorenwu.”

   Daughter inherited the mantle

  He was married four times junction, the current Mrs. Williams. He fathered nine children, of course, is best known for his daughter Laila (Laila Ali), she inherited his father’s mantle in 1999, became a female boxer.

  Ali said that boxing belongs to a man’s sport, and against women’s boxing, but his daughter chose the father walked the streets, shocked the whole world. Leila was born in Miami in December 1977, when a personal trainer in Los Angeles itself. She decided in 1999 to challenge the limits to participate in boxing matches, the first game will hit the ground running, and in the first leg knockouts.

  Laila Forecast eight games after coming in boxing, and boxing fans are expected her daughter to another boxing giant comin Feidakeman grips. Following Leila in his career won many important events, the status of the woman laid champion proved her success not by the parent shade. Muhammad Ali has a daughter inherited the mantle can be said that this life worthwhile.


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