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Musk revealed plans to accelerate Model 3 delivery process

Summary: Tesla had previously committed Model3 models will be delivered according to consumer’s order book at the beginning of the end of 2017. Foreign media had previously reported that Tesla has not recently updated Model 3 car order backlog data, but is widely believed to total between 390,000-400,000 of their order. Tesla and musk also faces a huge challenge, and that is how to produce so many Model3 to meet orders. In fact, the Model 3 car new orders, probably in 2018 before customer delivery. According to foreign media reports, the most recent, Tesla’s CEO ailong·masike to participate in investor conference call detailing the company plans to accelerate Model 3 delivery process.

Foreign media reported Electrek, musk said at the meeting that the company will do all it can to eliminate obstruction and slowed the procurement and delivery process friction points. Mr MASKEY said: “delivery car are areas in need of investment. We need to deliver three to four times times the cars, but we don’t want to have three to four times times the delivery Center. ”

He added: “we need to ensure that how to make the delivery process more streamlined, reduce paperwork and bureaucracy, and let people really ready to inform the user how to use elaborate video of the car. Of course, the best teaching is not directed. ”
In a recent letter to shareholders, Tesla said, mass production will start in July: “Model 3 automotive research and development, supply chain and manufacturing is carried out in support of bulk deliveries starting in 2017, the second half of the plan. In early February, as part of a test vehicle design and manufacturing processes, we started production of the Model 3 prototype. Initial ideals of crash test results, all Model 3-related procurement plan is under way, to support production in July. ”


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