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Nagin 4 June 2016 Full Dailymotion Episode Live

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At evening Ritik leaves for home when he gets a call on unknown number and he picks up the call.

Man:If you want your Shivanya to be safe then come near the river which is near to your office.

Ritik:I will come but don’t do anything to her.

Man cuts the call and Ritik gets worried.He drives towards river.

Here Shivanya is worried and is sitting on bed.Shesha calls Shivanya for help and Shivanya goes to forest which have river.

Ritik reaches to the place where man called him.

Ritik:Shivanya where are you?

Man:She is not there.

Ritik turns and is shock because it’s Ankush.

Ankush:Now I will not leave you.

Ankush stabs the knife into Ritik’s stomach.Ritik.He stabs it again and again and Ritik falls into river with tears in his eyes

Shivanya reaches to forest and sees a river.


Shivanya finds her when Shesha comes from back.

Shesha:I am here dear sister.

Shivanya turns and is shock.

Shivanya:But you were in danger.

Shesha:I called you to kill you.

Shesha stabs the knife and Shivanya falls into river.Shesha thinks

Shesha:Now no one can come between me and Ritik.Soon I will kill that Sukanya also.

Ankush thinks

Ankush:Now you are no more in this world.

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The story revolves around two Ichhadaari Naagin, namely Shivanya & Shesha and the Raheja family residing in Mumbai, India. The story begins when Ankush Raheja, along with four of his close friends, kills the parents of Shivanya (naagin), who had been the care-takers of Naag Mani.

However, the Naag Mani can only be handled and touched by the Badshah (Prince Sangraam Singh). With revenge in her mind, Shivanya groups together with Shesha (cousin) and a pandit (priest). Rithik Raheja (foster son of Ankush Raheja/son of Prince Sangraam Singh) falls in love with Shivanya at the first sight. However, he was about to marry his childhood best friend, Tanvi Shailesh Mathur, who loved him deeply.

In order to take revenge, Shivanya manages to become a part of the Raheja family as she knows three of the five murderers of her parents. Rithik marries Shivanya when Tanvi is replaced by her.

However, Shivanya is accepted by the Raheja family as their daughter-in-law and the wife of Rithik. Unknown about Shivanya’s truth, Rithik comes closer to her.

Shivanya, conversely, focuses on her revenge and on the day of her marriage with Rithik, she even tried to kill Viren (one of the murderers). Viren gets to know about Shivanya being a naagin, but becomes unconscious after he is bitten by Shivanya.

Next, Shivanya and Shesha plot to kill Suri (one of the murderers), who returns to India after his marriage. Accordingly, Suri is killed by them in a temple. Later an Ichhadaari Nevla as Kabir enters the lives of Shivanya and Shesha, one of the biggest enemies of naagin. Tanvi is about to marry Kabir, however, she is killed by him when she reveals the truth of Shivanya and Shesha to him.

But, the two serpents manage to kill Kabir an “Ichhadaari Nevla”(Rajat Tokas). With the fire of revenge in their hearts, Shivanya and Shesha pair up to kill the next murderer Shailesh Mathur (close friend of Ankush , he gets shivaniya kidnaped .Raheja) and gets killed by her.



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